P A U S E is a conscious pop-up project based in Amsterdam that explores adaptability, dynamism, inclusion, and collaboration. We celebrate conscious and ethical design, and curate special selections of ethical brands, designers, and artists to perform together in a temporary term and space.

P A U S E offers dynamic experiences for sustainable brands, local and international, to have the opportunity to share their stories, explicitly reveal their concepts and sell their designs in a playful and inspiring atmosphere. Through our deliberate artistic environments, P A U S E represents playfulness, creativity, self-expression, and connecting with our minds and souls.

Through art, our aim is to create a space that allows us to rethink our (fashion) choices and the way we present ourselves to the world, and ultimately to inspire others to reconnect with their personal consciousness. P A U S E is an invitation to take a moment and rethink our values and our consumer behavior.

To slow down to hurry up.

As a company, we assist our clients with branding and creative strategic projects.

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To P A U S E

to create
to rethink our choices
to listen

to believe
to breathe
to recover

To P A U S E
not to stop
but, to feel free

To P A U S E To Be.