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Art is a way to express or getting inspired. This is why The Pause Pop-up gives space to artists who can’t wait to share their work to inspire you!

We have been setting up a great line-up of art & performances and much more! We’re definitely not going to spoil the surprise, but we do want you to introduce our curator and performer Irina Baldini from Florence.

She used all her knowledge to made a selection of the many great artists part of her network. We decided to work together to bring you these artists and make sure you will have a great time during the Pause pop-up! And if that isn’t enough, Irina Baldini is also performing herself!

If you don’t want to miss this remarkable performance, come & see Friday the 16th!

Irina Baldini about the performance:

“An inquiry in the body: the possibilities of its contents and functionality of its form.Forms are not events but as they are not translatable they carry the possibility of an emergence of active change, a change with, so to say, nor departure point or arrival a change in itself and such.”

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