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Giasone Cashmere is a project that produces Cashmere garments giving a new life to many abandoned plot of lands in Italy. They raise cashmere goats selected from the best cashmere goats blood lines and they use this Cashmere to create handmade luxury unique pieces.

‘Giasone Cashmere transforms beautiful abandoned landscapes into Beauty.’

They love their country and they think that the Italian Beauty has to maintain a strong connection with their land. They are motivated to form ethic values so the passion of using a wood loom to create our handicrafts is the key factor on their concept of Sustainable Luxury.

Sustainability is a key factor for every long-term project. Since they create luxury dreams sustainability is essential to permit them to express the beauty that will remain after them.

‘If we don’t respect the environment now we will not succeed to create something that can be transmitted to the next generations.’

Their inspiration for the design is mainly their flock of cashmere goats and how it’s able to rediscover landscapes where the beauty is often trapped by ruthless disregards. Create unique Italian handicrafts in a sustainable way, using the best Italian traditions to propose sustainable luxury.

When they create a new garment they discuss if they would buy it and how each detail can make the difference. For their Beta Collection, they have created also Made to Measure scarves. A single scarf for their customers can be a little bit more expensive than the scarf or the present that you buy every year but it’s not a season purchase… it’s something that they will use for their entire life.

They have a big hope for the next generations and think that this society slowly is becoming conscious that everybody can give his support to create a better future. Their collections are made with minimal design concept since only the essential will pass through time.

They think technology can make a big difference in the design and production in fashion. Thanks to the technology they can follow every passage of their collection and guarantee that every item they create has a low water footprint for example. So technology can actually help them to be more conscious.

They think fashion trends will change a lot in 30 years from now. Many objects that now are considered different from clothing will be merged into it. They hope that much more people than today will be interested in understanding more before they make the decision to buy new clothing. Finally, they hope that dress something that is sustainable design, sustainable produced and sustainable sold will be one of the first questions when the future customer will judge the fashion trends.

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