By April 7, 2018Designer

Cultural discovery has been the theme of the first edition of #PRIVATE SALE – Inspired by The World, where brands that work towards a fair, environmentally friendly and transparent fashion industry got together to produce an unforgettable evening.

Our relationship with fashion is not only aspirational and image driven. It is cultural, sensory and embodied, and forges connections to the real world of senses and emotions. This is why sharing your workspace with other creatives can open up perspectives you have never thought about. Creativity, after all, is just the process of combining things that have never been combined before.

#Tunnel37 proved to be the perfect location for an authentic evening of socialization and exchange.

The seven brands protagonist of the event revealed their mission in a series of exclusive interviews. Here some inspiring quotations that capture the atmosphere of the night.

“I love working collectively with sustainable brands. I think it’s essential, in particular for emergent brands like us. It’s sharing, sharing moments. Share the space, the knowledge, and grow up together”. Gretel, 12knotsjewelry

“It is very energizing to work together with sustainable fashion designers. Every brand has its own products and specialties which positively contribute to the transition towards a more responsible way of producing which is more beneficial to people, animals, and the environment”. Marieke, Zazu Amsterdam

“I want to inspire people to change their lifestyle and give them the power that they can do it. It’s about taking control and making yourself the best that you can be”. Alla, OFF THE ISLANDS

“I think we have to unify out strengths and help consumers to find design items that express their unique self, made with respect for people and planet”. Lili, WANA BANA

“It’s a great experience to be able to participate in this event, people can see the concept we want to communicate to the world, in coherence with the event Inspire by the world.” Lizbeth, BACS DESIGN

“The most important fact of collaborating in this event is the community. As a woman and as a founder is never easy starting with your own brand. So, being connected, the networking and supporting each other is the key to becoming successful in your business. I am actually very proud to find here motivated and professional women who have amazing ideas and are very open to sharing their brand’s messages and their dreams.” Founder of Etairnity.

There is nothing more inspiring than supporting a community of ambitious like-minded creatives who are working harder than ever to create projects with a social and environmental conscience.

It was great to see the enthusiastic participation of outstanding personalities in the field of sustainable fashion. I am referring to fashion connoisseur and founder of Clean & Unique Roosmarie Ruigrok, Chanel Trapman from MUMSTER, Health Coaching and Content Creator Helen Turner, Mareike from Greenblush  – they share their expertise and idea, in the common effort to redirect the economy toward community, the environment, and a sustainable future. As our understanding of the environment continues to grow so does our response.


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