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“We care for the environment, people, and the next generation. We represent positive change and hope,” says Tze Ching, the creative director and founder of Jake + Maya

Using zero-waste design techniques, Tze Ching thrives to promote a lifestyle that results to less waste and encourage a ‘make-do-and-mend mindset’. Attention to materials and details is also prioritized, “our clothes are produced by ethical suppliers in the UK, and we use organic cotton that has been certified.”

From being in the fashion industry for a number of years, Tze Ching has experienced many incidences that shadow unsustainability and unethical matters. “Also, being a mother really makes me think about what we pass on to the next generation. I want to help inspire positive change and promote a more sustainable mindset in our next generation.”

“To inspire as many people as possible to adopt a more sustainable mindset.” Inspirations can be found anything, according to Tze Ching, just purely by paying attention to the surroundings.

In regards to sustainability being a trend more than a real consciousness by consumers, Tze Ching reacts:

As people are becoming more aware, people’s attitude also starts to change. It isn’t always because people don’t want to care, they simply don’t know why and how to and as the slow movement is becoming more mainstream, people are becoming less reluctant to become part of it.

“It would be amazing, if one day, sustainable practices would become the norm, not just a trend. I believe it is possible.”

How does the technology developments affect your values and ethics on sustainability, and how does it affect your sales?

Our designs aren’t really affected by technology as such, as we tend to lean more towards traditional methods in our production. However, we are currently looking at sourcing some more high-tech sustainable textiles. In terms of sales, modern technology means that we can broaden our market significantly, without having to have a physical presence abroad. With help of technology, we are able to reach a global audience with our story.

What are your trend forecasts for 30 years from now?

I believe strongly that in 30 years time, fashion will become even faster than it is now, but yet more sustainable. Garments will be increasingly up-cycled and we will move towards a more local or even DIY solution that is accessible to everyone. Something along the line of 3D printing but using thread, rather than plastic filaments.

People will be able to choose what they want and then simply have it made at home. Materials will then get recycled and made into another garment. We will move from fast fashion to instant fashion, without the logistics of manufacturing and shipping. You simply buy the design, customize it and get it made. All within minutes. But this could happen in less than 30 years because a lot can happen in 30 years. We didn’t even have Internet 30 years ago…

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