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Dress Door of Maai  / Dress Bav Tailor

Shirt Van Jos  / Jacket GnanaStudio  / Jewellery Auryn Jewels

Jumpsuit Dandyne  / Bra Anekdot

Dress Door of Maai / Knitwear BreiZuss

Dress Kshma & Devanshi / Jewellery Krithaa

Hoodie Mamquam / Necklace Krithaa

Outfit C MOTA 

Shirt Ek Katha / Jewellery Krithaa

Shirt & Bag Ek Katha / Pants Van Jos / Jewellery Krithaa

Jumpsuit Dandyne / Earrings Noosa Amsterdam

Bag Things I Miss Bag / Dress Door of Maai / Earrings Numa

Underwear Anekdot / Jewellery Auryn Jewels / Cardigan Wool for Millicent

Art direction and production P A U S E
Stylist Bono van Peursem
MUA Dion Merlijn  
Models Florial Sandu – Anja Turoczi from Luxury Eindhoven – Mini Gallagher from Luxury Eindhoven – Victoria Onken
Ph Victoria Ushkanova & Rosa Van Ederen 

Author Romina Pirani

Romina Pirani is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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