The journey of P A U S E began when we met on a plane in 2013. I was on my way back home after an inspiring trip working in fashion photography and Leticia was going back to visit family, and designers to start a webshop for sustainable Argentinean fashion design, based from Amsterdam. We were not supposed to sit next to each other, but a couple asked to change seats with them and this is how everything started!

From Madrid to Buenos Aires, we spent hours talking about how important it is for the both of us to take action and develop better ways of consuming and producing in the fashion world.

We discovered that we share the same values and passion for long-lasting fashion items that show personality. Both surrounded by art and a creative network we decided to want to live with a purpose: To inspire as many people as we can. The end of that travel did not stop our conversations and connection, and most importantly it didn’t stop us from working together.

A few months later we started working remotely from abroad on Leticia’s webshop in Amsterdam. While we were curating high-quality fashion designers and brands that were part of the platform we were working on, we started learning more and more about fair trade, artisans work and eco-friendly products and processes, and we became more and more into sustainability.

The spark to P A U S E was initiated as Leticia couldn’t find the right location to sell her fashion ensembles. Markets weren’t coherent with the high-end fashion items. On one of our Skype calls, I suggested to Leti to create a special space for these clothes and collaborate with other sustainable brands and designers to show and sell their products.

A few months later, while having coffee in an Argentinian bar we decided to do a pop-up in Amsterdam as a new experience, to curate sustainable designers and artists who share the same values as us. Leti and I came together and paused from the hectic world around us to think about our future paths and personal identities. It was the moment to start something bigger than ourselves and we decided to call it P A U S E.

In February 2016, Leti rented a store in De Pijp and we bought a plane ticket back to Amsterdam for the launch of the first Pause Pop-up. After three weeks of constant hard work and excitement from our temporary apartment in the Jordaan, we put together a 10-day pop-up store with more than 15 sustainable fashion brands, art exhibitions, and performances from different parts of the world.

We wouldn’t have imagined what would come next, more editions, a huge local and international network, tons of new friends and inspiring teachers of life, and our own particular way to introduce ourselves to the world and touch people.

P A U S E became a professional career for Leti and myself, a way to open up and spread the importance of consciousness through art, sustainable consumption, and living, and creative collaborations. Starting with Pop-up stores we will continue to create spaces for our community of fashion creatives, designers, brands and artists to collaborate in new and more effective ways on their creative journeys.

From our dynamic personality, it has always been hard to be stable and settled, which is the reason why we created a space like P A U S E – somewhere we can call Home, but not being restricted to one space. We want to replicate the opportunity we found on that flight to recharge, rethink and network, to offer to our new extensive and constantly growing creative family.
Gracias, Romi.

To P A U S E

to create
to rethink our choices
to listen

to believe
to breathe
to recover

To P A U S E
not to stop
but, to feel free

To P A U S E To Be.