After spending 17 years in the garment manufacturing industry she saw many things she couldn’t agree on. Environment harming processes that are depleting the natural resources to feed the disposable fast fashion industry. That’s exactly why she decided to start her own label. Divya Ahluwalia is the founder & Creator of AKIRA MING- an ethically produced sustainable brand from India. Divya embraces technology and thinks that technology and human efforts have to go hand by hand in the future to create beautiful things. She believes that everyone has the intelligence to know what is good and has the ability to change their lifestyle.

Divya believes each one of us needs to do their bit to sustain the planet. The statistics of how much water is used up for cotton production or the increasing tons of landfill wastes is scary and everyone needs to wake up to this reality.

‘It is possible to dress well without being a burden on this planet!’

Her eleven-year-old daughter has been a real inspiration to Divya. She has named the brand after her little girl. Her daughter is a real animal and nature loving child. She inspires Divya to do her bit so her little girl can have a green planet to grow up in.

Divya does not only design sustainable clothes to make a change. She also plants trees against all sales and supports Waste Warriors, a waste management NGO in India, who organizes cleanups and are working very hard to educate people on the importance of reducing plastics and waste management.

Living the sustainable lifestyle is very important to her and Divya hopes everyone will adapt this lifestyle. ‘Go for quality instead of quantity. Buy items that you can mix and match creatively rather than just something ‘on trend’. Remember, even Chanel said:  “women need to be two things- classy and fabulous!!” Disposable fashion is not classy!’

She thinks each one of us has the intelligence to know what’s good. Media tends to mislead people sometimes by promoting trends and cheap products. If we promote the right way of living that is the sustainable and environment-friendly long term, people would choose that. Most people are not aware of how harmful fast fashion is. But just as people now know how harmful fast food is and the importance of eating healthy, the same change needs to brought into the fashion industry.

Dyvia really likes to think about the possibilities of technology. She uses Ahimsa silk in her collection. She has heard of spider silk and pinatex being created. These innovations have been possible thanks to technology.

‘I believe that technology needs to go hand in hand with human efforts and not at the cost of it. For me, the handloom textile will always be more valuable than mill made textiles.’

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Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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