An international tour through sustainable jewellery brands.

By November 7, 2017Designer

There are few things that could describe our personality more than jewellery. Depending on your choices, could demonstrate how open-minded, adventurous, elegant, traditional or classic you are.

Jewelry is for excellence a statement, a timeless piece, that could give you confidence, identity and power.

In the last years, we were working with some many fascinating brands and designers from all over the world. We have been learnt about the craftsmanship process and the value of the material that makes an exclusive piece.

See the P A U S E edit of the best sustainable jewellery brands to improve any look, when you are looking for something enduring that is beautifully conceived as ethical as well.

JEM “Jewellery Ethically Minded.”

The house JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded has been launched in 2010, with the ambition to rewrite traditional jewelry’s codes, combining absolute aesthetic and sustainable development. JEM has a strong mission, the one of a sustainable and clearsighted jewelry, creating jewels in a spirit of goodwill, according to our mission and idea of ethical progress.

At the heart of JEM’s commitments, the ethical Gold sourcing embodied by the Fairmined label, the traceability guaranteed along each step of fabrication, as well as the perpetuation and transmission of the French jeweller know-how. “We aspire to shine a new light on jewelry-making without depriving it of its essential poetry and grace.”

JEM is the first French craft jeweler to be engaged in the « Fairmined » industry. The Fairmined label aims to establish mining facilities, that apply rigorous ecological, social and humane standards.

Today, 11 mines in the world have qualified for this label in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Mongolia, and about 50 more are undergoing modifications in view of being certified shortly.

” We strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewelry, both conscious and enlightened. We wish to create jewels in a spirit of goodwill, according to our mission and idea of ethical progress. We aspire to shine a new light on jewelry-making without depriving it of its essential poetry and grace.”


“Auryn Jewels stands for imaginative, vivacious and extraordinary jewelry which is designed with passion and meticulously hand-crafted by our hand selected manufactures based on fair trade principles.” Through Auryn Jewels, Denise ensures that she gives all artists a face, fair pay rates, safe working conditions, and all working circumstances are met in a safe and friendly manner.

“A conscious life is very important to me, and this reflects also my decision for this path for my designs.” Inspirations are found in every part of Denise’s life, and within the moments, the emotions will shape her thoughts and creativity towards her designs.

Auryn Jewels is fully committed to producing jewellery in a sustainable way with space for humanity. They are driven by a specific vision and are aiming to launch a quality mark/certification process for the manufacture of fair trade jewellery under the banner of the Fair Trade umbrella organizations.


Dario Scapitta is an Italian jewellery designer living in The Netherlands. He thrives on the constant inspiration of his surroundings like art, music, and nature. He cannot live without imagining a shape, which can be transformed into a beautiful ornament or jewel. He loves to experiment with technology and he believes that technology and traditional methods can work together to make beautiful art and designs.

Since high school, he is working in the jewellery designer field. He completed his study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. During these years he had the opportunity to discover the worlds of design, arts, and fashion. All these influences have formed his background. He went back to his hometown and started to work as 3d CAD jewellery designer discovering the potential of this amazing technology. Once moved to The Netherlands he decided to start his own jewellery brand and work on his own collection. And if that isn’t enough he is also working with a jewellery company as 3d CAD designer.

His work is a research between different fields like art, design, and fashion. He is experimenting with new technology and materials to create wearable contemporary body ornament without forgetting elegance and beauty.


Founder Melika Dahlouk, coming from a background of humanitarian work and development projects with United Nations and NGOs, has never thought of working as a designer. Yet, has always cultivated a strong interest in the creativity of all art forms and fashion. As she worked in different countries and cultures, she saw and understood the importance of talented craftsmanship and their lifestyle.

NUMA plays into conscious and sustainable fashion in many different aspects. Melika explains, “We strive to select and support the artisans throughout their work from providing tools to allocating apprentices in order to sustain their production and create new generations of gifted artisans.”

Melika adds, “In addition to empowering artisans and giving a new life to traditional heritage, we strive to preserve the environment, and all the materials we use are sustainable.”

Working in the development field for 25 years has allowed and built Melika’s contribution in regards to consciousness. NUMA is her latest project that represents her heart and mind in generating ideas and creating a ‘share’ environment with the children and people around the world.

From not ever thinking of becoming a designer, Melika Dahlouk has experienced and learned many aspects of her development projects that led her to build her own empire of sustainable and ethical design. Never underestimate the impact of one’s experience, Melika is a perfect example of how learning, knowledge, and involvement can influence one’s perspective and be. With her past and beliefs, NUMA has a strong background and support in its identity and ethical representation.



Coming from a background of westernmost state in India, Kritha has experienced the thriving craftsmanship, colours, textiles, tribes, and architecture, which demonstrates how her work represents the interactions and learnings she has been involved with. Now, she finds inspirations and motivations from tribal women, who reveal confidence and style that stand true to their original culture and geographical context.

The passion for jewellery started when Kritha was an architecture student, as she speaks of her past: “While sketching for a mapping exercise to study spatial constructs in the old city, I found a sewing machine bobbin and a rusted metal hinge lodged within a heap of metal waste. Exploring further I found more interesting, abstract and undefined metal waste. This piqued my interest in adopting these beautiful discarded pieces and using them to make different accessories for myself.”

Kritha and her experiences, beliefs, and motivations speak directly for her brand, Krithaa. She believes that good design will find its way to reach out to the people, and increase in one’s perception of consciousness. Kritha aims to detach herself from her work in order to observe where the products will go to make their own new journey. Natural and effortless play an important role in Kritha and her designs, where she look forward to seeing a future of natural choices that shape the consumers’ conscious minds.


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