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“You can knit everything if you wanted to,” says Kat Lauwers, the founder of  Woolformillicent

The love for knitting and the sensational touch of materials are the centers of Kat’s values. For her, there is nothing you cannot knit. “Knitwear is not only in wool but also in cotton, linen, Alpaca…So, I am searching in the world for nice fabric to knit.”

“Having both consciousnesses of enjoying the making of knitwear and revealing the process that goes into the garment-making is important for me. “

The conscious reason in which goes into Woolformillicent is focused greatly on the transparency between industry and the audience. Kat believes, “My meaning of the label is to show the public, even small businesses can make a difference and can create something. Perhaps, with a small label we can be more transparent with our markets; to show people how the products are made.”

As much as Woolformillicent is hand-made, they also work with a small local factory in the Czech Republic. The consciousness comes into play so evidently as Kat insists on knowing the factory and the people personally. “I want that even in today’s world of 2017, people can still know who and how is the whole process.”

Being against fast-fashion, Kat speaks of her opinion on fashion trends and how it is important to sustain one’s own fashion image. “If you have nice clothing in your wardrobe, no matter what trend it is, you can still take them out. The good materials that make up the garments should sustain any trend.” She continues, “I think it’s more important that people create their own style and their own trend, and they buy items that go with that. I look for people who really want to create their own style, and they buy to complete their wardrobe.”

Does society or social behaviors affect your designs?

I believe my designs need to be wearable, I cannot make something that you cannot wear. They must be able to be worn every day, from going to the bakery to social parties. So, my designs are really made for multi-purposes.

Do you believe in fashion collaborations and networking?

I don’t like the word networking, it’s more like a community. It’s like a society with inspirational people coming from the same level.

For instance, I really like the fabric of silk, and I think the combination of wool and silk is perfect. Although I’m not going into another profession, perhaps finding someone who expertise in silk, we can make something really nice.

Networking is a very common word, but it’s more about making connections and finding someone who I truly connect with. Other than business connections, I am looking more for creative connectivity.

As an out-going and open-minded designer, Kat ensures her designs are yet exclusive and wearable at the same time. Being heavily focused on lifestyle and the everyday norms, she translates what she knows about her life into comfort and multi-dimensional designs.


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