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Ana Luisa Barros, 26 years old, from Brazil, is a fashion designer and reiki master. Discovering, interacting, spreading knowledge of nature and using it in fashion is what motivates her. Being on the way to a cleaner future for the planet gives her a lot of motivation to create and innovate.

‘When you align with the universe and see everything as part of a unity, you are inspired and motivated by everything that can be done with love and convey love.’

If we are aiming to go forward we must have to include sustainability in our lives. It is so much more than just an idea or a concept. It’s a way of living, an estate of being. Sustainability is a certain path that has no back. A constant involvement of growth between the respect for ourselves and our planet.

Her father has always been a big inspiration for her, because of his passion for his work. It makes her proud and she thinks that he passed his drive to her to make a difference in the world.

Ana Luisa started as a slow fashion brand, where all the clothes were made in fair conditions of work, exclusive designs, refine materials, upcycling etcetera. Last year she could really evolve from a slow fashion to a sustainable fashion brand. She studied naturals dying and all those handmade millennium knowledge and added those to the primary purpose of the brand.

Ana Luisa is always discovering something new that she can use for the fabrics to create ideas and sustainable solutions. She loves the history of fashion and thinks it is something she can translate into her clothes.

‘I want to work beyond the creation part, with research in new technologies regarding fabrics and sustainability. I want to contribute and expand ideas and knowledge for those who are looking for a fair fashion area.’

She wants to give an advice to consumers who are trying to be more conscious: ‘To be stylish we don’t need to follow what they tell us to buy, follow your own personality, play with fashion and if you can do it by ethical choices, so you are ahead of those who are fashion victims.’

We are entering a new era, of the awakening of consciousness. This awakening united us with the whole, with the energy of love. People are seeking a lighter life, each time they are open to teachings that lead them to self-knowledge, a peace with themselves and a peace that this person seeks in the world.

Ana Luisa likes to create a delicate design but with a presence. Today she sees that what people seek most is to live in the present, how to understand it in a harmonious way, without anxieties, without fears. She thinks the clothes also interfere in this, clothes made with love, transmits love, it was created in that energy, it attracts people with the same energy.

I believe that the work we are doing today will stand out there, we are part of the pioneers of this evolution of fashion, if today only some people are opening the conscience for ethical fashion in 30 years everyone will be supporting and creating technological means to improve the damage years of uncontrolled consumption. In 30 years capitalism will not make more sense, if we are beginning to see capitalism becoming obsolete I believe that in these next decades more people will awaken to the consequences that we are living because of this. The children who are being born in this new age are more sensitive children, so in 30 years we will have other areas of fashion to be explored with this sensitive look of healing and union with the planet.

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