ANEKDOT, hand crafted sustainable intimates made in Berlin.

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ANEKDOT, the underwear brands that represents individual empowerment and environmental awareness.

ph Colette Pomerleau

ph Colette Pomerleau

Sofie is the designer and creative brand manager of Anekdot.

What drives your motivation for art and design?

To transform precious materials into something beautiful and meaningful for the everyday life. Every time I find a special fabric I immediately get the urge to create. And to empower women wearing and loving my products and the feedback from people who appreciate my work is what keeps me motivated and make big mountain challenges feel like small road bumps.

Another fact that motivates me is that by carving my own path, I can combine my different interests, beliefs and creative pursuits in life. An unbeatable sense of freedom that keeps my enthusiasm and excitement flourish.

ph Colette Pomerleau

How do you explain your creations or designs in relation to sustainability and consciousness?

Anekdot is about anecdotes, a pivotal creative force resisting mass-produced mediocrity.

Why have you chosen this path for your designs? Is there a specific reason to your conscious designs?

I’m not happy with the social injustices and environmental crisis caused by the fashion industry and I respond to that by implementing an intimate relationship with materials that the fashion industry leaves behind.

There is already an overload of textiles produced within the fashion industry, and so much waste. The underwear pattern pieces are small, which fit great to the upcycling working method since I can upcycle smaller pieces of fabric without being locked to a patchwork aesthetic. Making underwear allows me to work with the most beautiful fabrics, and I find upcycling being an exciting and inspiring way of sourcing.

Anekdot is also a creative platform that allows me to work in a way that suits me as an individual.
I wanted to create a flexible work which allows me to decide how to use my time, and that wouldn’t tear me apart from my family & friends in different countries. Underwear is easy to ship and take little space, meaning I can have a relatively small studio space and bring work with me while traveling.

ph Colette Pomerleau

ph Colette Pomerleau

Where do you usually get your inspirations? Do you have an icon you Follow?

Elaborate fabrics with a nice hand-feel have always been my biggest inspiration source when I create. My mind directly transforms them into wearable garments. Besides that, inspiration most of the time comes from music that moves me, from travels & culture, from everyday color schemes, a thoughtful quote or rare vintage details. But can basically come from anywhere anytime. It ́s like if I’m sucking in small inspirations from here and there and when I ́m then sourcing the fabrics the designing comes very easily. I don’t have any icon, but many bold creations have blossomed in my mind when listening to Björk.

Do your views on society and social behaviors reflect on your work?
Yes. I’m trusting my guts more than what the society tells us to do. I’m not acting the safest way nor blindly follow others patterns, but I’m curious, question current business models, consumerism and want to work towards a renewed understanding of fashion and beauty.

What are your goals?
I have dreams rather than goals. Short-term priorities are to grow the team of makers and create more space for me to have more time to design, source fabrics and launch new products. I have so many designs & projects I just don’t have the time to realize.
Long term, I want to do more collaborations. Big and small with other brands, developers, artists, artisans. Have a bunch of ideas I just feel giggly happy thinking of realizing.

Despite your designs, are there any other aspects you focus on in regards to sustainability, self-consciousness, and making our world a better place?
I do conscious choices in my everyday life regarding the use of plastic, unessential packaging and of course regarding clothes and other items. I don’t buy things that don’t fill a function or makes me happy to look at. I respect animal produce. I rather buy from small businesses than corporates. I travel by bike most of the time. I do appreciate and give a hand with food-sharing every now and then, I’m involved in a local creative community, and meet up with a group sustainable fashion peoples to discuss and share ideas. I also choose the people I collaborate with carefully so we can make each other smile.

Regarding self-consciousness, taking enough time for self-reflection and stabilize the core of my being is important for me. In a fast-paced society and with all this tech around it can feel difficult to have clear thoughts. I know when I don’t feel well and need to squeeze in some extra me-time. I’m also curious about healing with ayurvedic herbs and using myself as a test pilot.

The slow movement, self-consciousness, and sustainability have been in trend for the past few years and still are developing. Would you say that most people are affected and more aware of the aspects purely because of the trend?
I think that the society and mindset have been and is changing. Even big brands are starting to make changes, and even if some of those moves are only greenwashing, at least it spread some awareness how to consume sustainably.

In relation to the previous question, vintage has become a popular fashion trend, and many people think sustainable fashion interlinks with vintage and expensive garments. What are your views on this?
Maybe people start to realize that the quality of the clothing in the second-hand shops are not the same as it used to be. And see the link between sustainable fashion and vintage. The more we love our clothing, the more we care for them and the longer they last. If clothing will be continually made in low quality they will not make it become vintage.

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