Are You ready to take a walk on the conscious side with MOMOC?

Stylish, Different and Sustainable – three words to summarize MOMOC, a new environmentally conscious Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Shoe start-up in Spain using materials mainly sourced from within Spain.

“Our main mission is contributing to walking sustainably, our motto being, it’s time to take a walk on the conscious side…” said Gabriela, founder of the brand. Her background can be summarized from international tax to sustainable fashion.

Gabriela’s interest in sustainable fashion was born during a trip in 2016 to New Zealand where she worked on a Woofing basis in an organic farm. Immersed in nature, she learned about circular economy, how everything can have a second life and nothing is considered waste.

The sustainable seed kept growing in her and once back to work she decided to create Momoc.

Inspired by nature and the French haute-couture, the design is the key at MOMOC. Extreme care is taken in choosing each and every ecological material for making unique, high-quality shoes that are the perfect combination of trendy, elegant and comfortable.

“MOMOC is more than pretty shoes, through the social networks and events we contribute to sustainable actions, proposing little positive missions that make this planet a better place to live. We believe that all actions related to sustainability are important and have a positive impact, from the small individual action to the big international companies’ action”.

Moving from fast to slow fashion – is the brand’s challenge.

In the jungle of fast fashion, MOMOC makes its contribution to creating slow fashion trends, slow fashion being synonymous with quality, ethically and sustainably made.

Fast fashion exists and although there are evident changes towards a more sustainable model there are still a lot of steps to walk. The positive side is that more and more frequently consumers start demanding sustainable fashion and expecting ethical actions. They have the power to change the fashion from fast to slow. Brands will need to listen to them if they want to survive!

Since the very first moment, MOMOC has investigated and incorporated sustainable actions. Most of the materials are extracted from nature without harming it, such as cork and natural rubber. The circular business model and zero waste is the future. MOMOC shoes are made from recycled materials, shoes using ecological chrome-free and metal-free tanned leather with minor environmental impact.

All this makes MOMOC more than pretty shoes.

“Our brand has the mission of creating consciousness on sustainable actions and is the result of two worlds, the ecological and the fashion world. Thanks to this commitment to sustainable fashion, we have been awarded the Butterfly Mark”.

The brand’s aim is for humans, animals and the environment to always be respected, allowing our customers to walk the Planet conscientiously, responsibly and fashionably. The mission is to continue growing, walking hand to hand with technology and incorporating new and more sustainable materials into our models, always respecting the design. Growing the community and motivating more and more people walking sustainably.

The question is, Are You ready to take a walk on the conscious side?                           


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