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Equality between men and women and rich and poor is also important to me because creativity and fairness know no differences,” says Denise Zatti, founder of Auryn Jewels

“Auryn Jewels stands for imaginative, vivacious and extraordinary jewelry which is designed with passion and meticulously hand-crafted by our hand selected manufactures based on fair trade principles.” Through Auryn Jewels, Denise ensures that she gives all artists a face, fair pay rates, safe working conditions, and all working circumstances are met in a safe and friendly manner.

“A conscious life is very important to me, and this reflects also my decision for this path for my designs.” Inspirations are found within every part of Denise’s life, and within the moments, the emotions will shape her thoughts and creativity towards her designs.

How do you explain your creations or designs in relation to sustainability and consciousness?

Jewelry is a luxury product – we always have the choice of what we buy. Have you ever asked yourself who has made your jewelry and if the craftsman earns enough to live and feed his family? Auryn Jewels is fully committed to producing jewelry in a sustainable way with space for humanity. We are driven by a specific vision and are aiming to launch a quality mark/certification process for the manufacture of fair trade jewelry under the banner of the Fair Trade umbrella organizations.

Despite your designs, are there any other aspects you focus on in regards to sustainability, self-consciousness, and making our world a better place?

My work and designs set the base for better working conditions for many people in the jewelry industry. Humanity and compassion are very important for me. That’s why I founded my own company/brand Auryn Jewels. We do also support disadvantaged children and people in educations as part of a sustainable investment. It would be wonderful for me if Auryn Jewels would be regarded as an example in the economic market that ethical action and success are compatible.

How would you recommend consumers to be more sustainable in consumption?

With consciousness and appreciation of what we have and the knowledge that behind every piece of clothing and jewelry a human stands who has made that for us. This should sensitize consumers to more awareness of what they buy.

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