BERDINE, design bags meant to be loved for a very long time.

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Berdine’s Scandinavian inspired aesthetics of minimalism and functionality are hallmarks of this Dutch accessories brand making beautiful, timeless bags. The brand draws its inspiration from creating genuine value in its products that are meant to last for years and even decades while eschewing fast fashion and short-lived trends.

Berdine was first conceptualised when the founder graduated from fashion school and witnessed how consumerist the industry really was.

“Working in fashion, you have to deal with extremely tight deadlines, there’s very little room for creativity and everything is focused on ‘selling as much as you can, as soon as you can’”

Fast fashion is notorious for encouraging cheap clothing made to last for very short periods of time, before ending up in a landfill. Short-lived trends catered to through new collections released frequently, soon become unwanted once the next trend floods the market, thus contributing to the current environmental distress.

“Always keeping up with the latest trends is exhausting. I think it’s an old-fashioned way of thinking, following the herd. What’s much more contemporary, is going against the grain. Following your own personal style, your own rhythm, your own way. Finding new ways to view fashion, and to rewrite the rules”

Berdine thus incorporates sustainability in its designs by ensuring that they are truly timeless in style, design and functionality. Limited production replaces multiple collections, while durable leather and wool felt are majorly used in creating her beautifully made bags.

“To me, style is much more important than trends, simply because style lasts. That’s why I am eliminating all trends within the brand. To guarantee sustainability, I am focusing on the most powerful aspect: the design. My designs are timeless, genderless and ageless. This means that anyone, anywhere and at any time, can wear items from my collection.”

While sustainable initiatives by major clothing companies are few in number and hardly fundamental, Berdine’s approach is far more radical.

“My challenge is to change the way people view fashion and make them realize that more isn’t more. Challenging them to slow down. The things you own, gain much more value if they are of good quality, well made and truly match your personal style. Remember that leather jacket that your father still has from when he was 20? Or that good old 501 you just bought from that thrift shop? If you own less but good stuff, each of your things will have more value.”

Berdine has important, ambitious plans for their future that include possibly, a clothing and an interior/product line to complete the Berdine lifestyle. Undoubtedly the ethos will remain the same-minimalistic, timeless, durable design meant to be loved for a very long time.

Author Nayanika Bharadwaj

Designer, artist, illustrator and writer passionate about sustainable design and living. Recently graduated with a degree in fashion from NIFT, Mumbai. Currently living in Chennai, India

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