Falling in love with BOIDA Athletica: Power, compassion and inspiration.

“I created BOÏDA, a line of activewear and vegan outerwear out of a personal sense of urgency to take concrete actions to challenge our long-held belief that animals are meant to serve our needs, whether it is by way of food, clothing, medical research, or entertainment.”

Founded in Montreal, Canada, BOÏDA Athletica is a brand of activewear and vegan outerwear designed to inspire people to believe in their individual power to make an impact in the world.

We fell in love with every garment they create, so we wanted to be part of their journey. Are you coming?

What first sparked your interest in sustainable fashion creations? Tell us more about the story of your brand and its mission.

The fact that all sentient beings simply want to live and not suffer means that we are becoming more and more aware that adopting a vegan lifestyle is truly about compassion.

However, animals can no doubt feel joy, fear and pain just as we do.

I envision a world where animals would no longer be an ingredient or a material, where they would cease to be victims of exploitation fuelled by our mass consumption and greed. Through BOÏDA I urge people to advocate for justice and to be the voice for the billions of animals who live in torturous conditions and whose lives are cruelly ended every year for our food and fashion industries.

BOÏDA garments use only synthetic or innovative plant-based fabrics which not only avoid the harming of animals but are also more sustainable in terms of renewable sources.

We believe that social change is always the result of a multitude of individual actions coming together over time. Hence our mission is to inspire people to make individual lifestyle choices that promote animal rights, justice, and peaceful living.

What drives your motivation?

I am driven and inspired by my vision of a world that functions purely on plant-based or synthetic material. To be able to create garments that support my personal and brand vision is a strong motivator behind my work.

What’s your relationship with ever-changing fashion trends?

I see fashion trends as waves that come and go, but what stays and what is important, I think, is how fashion is used to communicate who we are and what we believe in as a society and as an individual – regardless of trends.

Taking into account that you are a creator that works with challenges every day, what’s in your opinion the biggest challenge of the fashion industry today?

I find that even though fashion is ever changing as it continually aims to set trends, it often remains conservative as an “industry” and doesn’t adapt quickly enough to the changing values of society nor does it ever really assume a leadership role. From a business standpoint, that has a trickle-down effect in other aspects such as sourcing, financing, and marketing.

What is your personal view of fast fashion? Do you feel that the industry as a whole is falling a bit behind if comparing to sustainable fashion?

I think since fashion has long been about being trendy, promoting novelty and creative speed, the idea of sustainable fashion is not something intuitive. But I feel there is great demand for sustainable fashion as consumers become increasingly aware of environmental issues and a desire to adopt less wasteful habits.

Virtually all major clothing companies have a work in progress in the field of sustainability. What makes your brand stand out?

Our belief is that being sustainable is not enough, if products are made from the exploitation of animals, directly or indirectly. BOÏDA goes beyond the fashion or sustainability criteria and is driven by the mission to promote lifestyle choices that are against animal cruelty.

What does the future hold for your brand? Any plans you could share with us?

Our first generation of the VEGAGOOZ jackets was launched recently and we are working on developing a full line of VEGAGOOZ for future collections.

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