c. mota, artisan utility designed in hoboken

By October 8, 2017Designer

Each item is built to improve with wear and care, embodying our commitment to durability, craftsmanship, and a seamless fusion of form and function – what we like to call The Art of Utility,” says Carla Mota, the founder of c.mota.

Carla Mota, the founder and formerly Design Director of Champion Sportswear, insists on combining everyday style with a sensibility to heritage. “Our creations are globally sourced, then meticulously handmade in and around New York City at local factories and garment wash and dye facilities, as well as by the designer herself.”

“We never mass produce.”

“Sustainability is the overall umbrella,” Carla says. Her focus is on utilizing all sources and processes of sustainability and considers consciousness in regards to who is behind the products. “I believe that by telling the story behind the design you will engage the consumer, pulling them into your process to understand why it was made, who made it and how it was made. This, in turn, will empower the consumer to choose well and have a vested interest and love in their purchase.”

Carla Mota speaks of the intention and certainty of their designs in the basis of artisan textiles with a sense of renewing and rework. “Each garment is the result of an obsessive attention to detail, fit and finish. We hope these lovingly made pieces become indispensable building blocks for your personal style.”

After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Carla has seen many processes and decisions made by fashion. As she was responsible for putting clothing and fashion out to the mass market, she wanted to slow things down and focus on the intentions of each piece. She says, “c.mota wants to give you those favorite pieces that you wear year after year, curated by each customer’s personal style.

She speaks of her beliefs on the society and individual’s responsibility in doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment, in that we take pride in what we put out into the world. “Our short-term goals are to establish c.mota as a brand that imbues honest, well-crafted garments that transcend trend, season, color and captures an individual sensibility that will be loved and coveted for years to come.”

What drives your motivation for art and design?

The need to communicate an original design aesthetic that is based on classic, authentic and functional beginnings. It’s how you interpret something and twist it into a beautiful, well made, timeless piece that brings happiness, comfort and function to the customer as well as amplifying their personal style.

How do you explain your creations or designs in relation to sustainability and consciousness?

I design from a place of authenticity as it relates to details. In doing so you respect and honor the classics. I appreciate shape and innovation of how a garment can fit and function for you. To me, that is sustainable and conscientious because you are creating a potential heirloom piece that can live on and be passed down and appreciated for years to come. My designs are made and processed in and around NYC at local factories employing expert craftsman at fair wages. Additionally, we use sustainable fibers such as hemp and organic cotton while other fabrications are actually grown, spun and knit within the US minimizing our brand’s carbon footprint.

Where do you usually get your inspirations? Do you have an icon you follow?

Most times my inspiration comes from something of the past. I appreciate form and function by way of detail and artisanship. I look to military, workwear and classic athletic to inform me. I love to twist a classic! I truly appreciate the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, the art or beauty of imperfection as well as Boro, which is the art of mending and patching together. I am also very much inspired by the street and what is happening around me on many levels. Looking at the past and considering the present definitely inspires ideas and trends for the future @cmotastudio.



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