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The idea behind CAMP is to explore and research the limits between jewellery design and sculpture. To create a brand that could merge the work of Renata Minoldo, visual artist and costume designer into contemporary jewellery design. CAMP is also a collaborative project between creative individuals working in design, visual arts, photography, and film.

CAMP believes that what we could consider an error can be taken as a new creative possibility and this is applied to the design process. This never-ending process is always flowing and is based on chance and improvisation. It is playful as well as spontaneous.

What’s your drive/motivation/passion?

CAMP is driven by textures and material experimentation. We are inspired by the natural as well as the artificial and we are always curious and willing to explore anything really! We are passionate about making things we never saw before, or to relate things in a fresh new way.

Why do you think sustainability is so important?

This is our planet and we seem not to care at all. We think it’ll last forever. We don’t even care about our future, closer generations. The amount of waste we produce is incredible. We need to be conscious in all aspects, not only with clothing but also in the way we consume other goods and technology as well. We need to recycle, upcycle and reutilize more. It is complicated cause there are a lot of companies that really don’t care about it and they are blind for money. Also, I think it is hard for a lot of people to afford sustainable clothes and organic food, etc and at the same time, we are all suffering a strong addiction to consuming anything. Society is really sick. So there are many things to change and improve, and I’m glad to think that more and more people, and of course myself are being more respectful of the environment and teaching our children to look after plants, animals and natural resources and to be more sustainable.

Sustainability is the way to seep a balance between what we consume and we discard. It is a great challenge but not an impossible one.

What made you take control and sell/design/promote conscious jewellery yourself? And When?

When I first went to New York in 2013 I was really astonished at a number of clothes waste they were producing in America. I knew it but actually seeing people going crazy on Black Friday and just blind buying was something that stuck in my mind. I found myself s in a fast clothes shop at 2 am on Times Square wanting to buy a bikini in winter! I suddenly meditated it for a second a thankfully left. I am from Argentina and even though we do have that issue most people have also less money to spend, and the quality of life does not allow you to consume at that level. It is also part of our identity as a country made by Spanish and Italian immigrants with a humble background I guess. So we tend to look after the clothes more, to mend them. To go to the shoe repair shop to get your shoe fixed, etc. In 2015 I moved to London and started to work for the sustainable fashion brand Faustine Steinmetz and learned how hard it is from the inside to sustain your sustainable brand if you are also following the official fashion calendar. The processes are much slower of course, and you need more people working on the garments as well. It is harder to get fair trade goods, organic products, etc. So with CAMP, I do not follow any calendar. The collections are unique and special, and I take my time to develop the concepts and research the appropriate materials. Every piece is handmade by me and different from another. I do also design commissioned pieces.

What’s your inspiration? Do you have someone you look up to?

CAMP first collection Fake is better is influenced by some contemporary artists like Franz West, Cy Twombly, and Karla Black as well as the everyday tacky culture, pastry and cake design and our my love for crafty materials. Some of the materials used in this collection are frequently used by young children and I like this idea of spontaneity, non-repetition, and playfulness. This collection includes earrings, brooches, necklaces, and rings. I am currently working on the next collection and I have been really touched by the film Into The Inferno by Herzog so I may be playing around that.

What are your goals?

Be healthy and happy. Learn new things every day. Do not give up.

You sell/design/promote clothing, is there something else you do to make the world a better place?

As I mentioned before I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can. I ride my bike and very importantly, I try to be nice with people, give them a real smile even when I am a bit crossed!

Many people think sustainable fashion is very expensive, what do you think about this?

It is! But it will last much more as well, so it is an investment.

Many people still buy too many clothes and find it hard to buy more conscious. Can you give them any advice to help them out a little?

I will quote Vivienne Westwood who famously said ‘buy less, choose it well, make it last’.

What do you think of technology in fashion?

In my opinion, technology is sometimes very useful and necessary but not all the time. I think companies abuse of it to benefit their sales, lower their costs and have fewer employees.

What is your prediction for fashion trends about 30 years from now?

I prefer to talk about clothing than fashion. I would say that a few people from rich countries will have the possibility and some will choose to buy sustainable, fair trade organic clothes when others will still be buying expensive designer clothes that are not necessarily sustainable or vegan. Other people will upcycle more and make their garments last more, so trend speaking that would be an interesting expression of individuality. Others won’t have even that possibility and they will still buy fast cheap disposable clothes. Just because we live in a capitalist world.

We really admire RENATA MINOLDO work, so we invite her to make two worksohps during P A U S E #4 edition. 

Ritual Costume Making

Sensorial Study on Clothing and Bodies, 21 October

We are so glad to have you at Pause Pop-up! 

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