Cannes – “Companies forget that repetition is the key thing,” says by Mario Testino

By June 29, 2017Ph

The creative process of elevating who and what you have instead of constantly being unsure – Testino puts authenticity and integrity first, allowing his collaborations to stay rooted in identity.

In the conversation with Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Welteroth, Mario Testino, a Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer, talked about his roots and embracing who he is in his work. “I’m not English, I’m not French. I’m not anything, but Peruvian. So, the more I embrace it the more it will benefit my work and what I do,” said Testino.

So speaking on his consciousness, particularly on his values for authenticity, “I would advice this to all companies – make something out of what they do, be true to yourself.”

Throughout the conversation, Testino discussed the keys to connecting the brands to their consumers in today’s world – Elevating from his work and profession, Testino presented his latest full-service creative agency, MARIOTESTINO+.

Being true to who he is and his vision is the key to how he works. Testino reflected, “The way I do most things is gut feeling. When I go to a client, I don’t like the idea of offering them  ‘you can go this way or this way or this way’, because for me you can only go one way.”

At the same time, he put emphasis on the need to accept other opinions for self-development. “I think all of us, we need to be pushed. But to be pushed, you need to accept the advice. Half of the time, I need to swallow my pride and accept that maybe I’m not always right.”

The key he shared is that “We are constantly having to question ourselves. And, I think that the moment you think you are successful, you are not.”

— Found more about TESTINO work here.

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