CANO Shoes – a young shoe brand that stands for sustainably and ethically handmade Mexican huaraches.

The story of Lukas and Philipp, the founders of CANO, starts back in 2014 when they landed in Mexico to study. The brand is the result of several trips to Mexico, countless brainstorming sessions and all possible efforts to make this mission come true. For their mission to bring handmade huaraches to Europe, Lukas and Philipp had to find Mexico’s best artisans. So they packed their bags and travelled across Mexico.

“We were amazed by the Mexican craftsmanship, their outstanding skills, and the fascinating mentality to strive for the best product possible. Their pride in creating something unique and special is something we look up to and our source of inspiration”.

Without a change in the way we manufacture fashion, there will be nothing left for the next generation. The deeper we dived into the fashion industry, the more obvious it becomes that both the earth and the people working in the fashion industry are exploited to offer the cheapest clothing and to generate the highest profits. However, most consumers are not aware of this, as most companies are not willing to share insights into their supply chain and manufacturing.

CANO is based on a sustainable and ethical value creation and is fully transparent in its manufacturing practices. This means that every part of our value creation takes place in Mexico. CANOs are handcrafted with natural materials, by artisans who enjoy our full support.

While trend cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, allowing fashion brands to motivate their customers to buy more and more – Cano encourages everyone to create his or her own fashion style that is influenced by his or her lifestyle rather than current trends.

For Philipp & Lukas the biggest challenge of the fashion industry right now is overcoming the fierce price competition in the market. This competition has resulted in lower and lower prices. It is not hard work to find a t-shirt for 3,99€. A great price – you might think – but we should never forget that at one point someone has to pay. This means that if we only pay 3,99€, that someone might be the worker in the factory who is barely getting paid anything and has to work under inhumane working conditions.

The every-day strive for even fairer and even more sustainable ways of manufacturing and this approach of never staying still and becoming better every day is what – makes CANO stand out as a brand.

In the future, Philipp & Lukas want to make sure that their idea and sustainable fashion receives more attention. “We think that a company’s focus on sustainability does not limit its profit potential. Instead, maximizing the company’s success can go hand-in-hand with sustainable manufacturing and therefore with preserving the world’s well-being”.


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