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MUMSTER is a platform which consists of video’s, blogs, editorials, and events.

The mission of MUMSTER PRODUCTIONS is to keep discovering new ways to make as many people aware of themselves and their decisions, so we can get the best out of each other and the world.

We live in an age where we can really discover the power of social media and finally use it for the benefit of everyone. We can unite, to really connect and get influenced by real people and help each other in the pursuit of happiness. 

It is not about what you wear and what you buy, that’s a real deception. It is what you do what makes you happy.

During the pop-up, MUMSTER will show you her work, tell you about her drive and her plans for the future where everybody can be part of. Just say hi and you will walk away with the feeling you really can make a difference.

Author Leticia Bordoni

Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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