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“I want to invite everyone on a journey to a more conscious destination, in every possible way. I always get a lot of energy when someone surprises me with a new point of view, which makes me more conscious,” says Chanel Trapman, content creator and founder of MUMSTER, a conscious fashion and lifestyle platform

MUMSTER, a platform still on its development, is a dynamic movement in looking for new ways to innovate and inspire others with collaborations, art-direction, and sustain business goals. “MUMSTER represents a new movement of conscious people that want to make a change with their ideas and MUMSTER will help to bring those ideas to a reality.”

“The most important thing to MUMSTER is to keep moving. The MUMSTER movement is always looking for new collaborations in different areas and branches.”

Talking about inspirations, Chanel speaks of ‘the school of life’ as the biggest inspiration root for herself. “I watch and listen to a lot of positive thinkers like Tony Robbins or more profound thinkers like Alan Watts or Philosopher Epicurus. I am a Ted Talk addict and my dream is to climb that stage someday to share my own research.” According to her experiences and profession, she learns and acts on the information and creativity given by the society and the people around her. Yet, despite all kinds of inspirations, Chanel Trapman insists on her vision of ‘sharing’. “My work is a way to meet others to discover and share their vision, so I can translate this in a platform where all kinds of people can unite with the same vision and really can make a positive chain of change.”

From an excessive consumer, Chanel has slowly learned her unnecessary buying and the trend of ‘a never-ending race’ for the fashion industry. She says, “When you start consuming for a reason and for an experience instead of a thing, you will be a much happier and fulfilled person. And every time I get tempted I watch a video, talk, go to an event or just do anything to keep me on the right track!”

What drives your motivation for art and design?

Art – design for me is another way to send people on a journey through their minds. In my work as a filmmaker, speaker, and writer it is very important that everyone receives the message in the way I send it. With art – design people are freer to use their own imagination and give their own meaning to the work, so the work can be more personal. That’s why I make interactive art, so people can be part of the art.

How do you explain your creations or designs in relation to sustainability and consciousness?

The Bubble, co-produced with Studio Knol, is a still work in process piece that reminds us of the fact that we all live in a bubble. To be more specific, in a social media bubble. This bubble distracts you from being conscious and therefore limits you to live a sustainable lifestyle. You can not become conscious if you are constantly focussed on presenting a version of your real self and looking towards others who do the same. The Bubble will make you more aware of the effects of social media and makes you think about your own Bubble. This piece part is a creation of my own bubble and result of attempts to get out.

Sustainable fashion can be described in many ways depending on the person. For you, personally, what relates to the outcome and input of your sustainability?  

When I unexpectedly became a mother when I was just 18 years old, I realized I wanted to give the right example to my son. We live in such a beautiful place where we can just be and do what we want, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone. While I am trying to get the most out of my life I find it important to create chances for others at the same time. I think it is important to realize that we are so fortunate that we may use the earth, but we have to use it together for the benefit of everyone. No one has more right to use it, or worse, exhaust it for their own purposes. Who’s idea was that? I think now the time has come and we have exhausted enough in a race towards a materialistic lifestyle. We know what’s right. We need each other to be motivated and inspired to keep moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. Sometimes it is more difficult and sometimes you get tempted to make other choices, you are only human. That´s why I find it so important to help others to keep that motivation and inspiration to make a change in their daily lives because that will make a great impact. More than they are aware of now.


Meet MUMSTER with her BUBBLE at P A U S E pop-up.

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