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His name is Dario Scapitta, an Italian jewellery designer living in The Netherlands. He thrives on the constant inspiration of his surroundings like art, music, and nature. He cannot live without imagining a shape, which can be transformed into a beautiful ornament or jewel. He loves to experiment with technology and he believes that technology and traditional methods can work together to make beautiful art and designs.

Since high school, he is working in the jewellery designer field. He completed his study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. During these years he had the opportunity to discover the worlds of design, arts, and fashion. All these influences have formed his background. He went back to his home town and started to work as 3d CAD jewellery designer discovering the potential of this amazing technology. Once moved to The Netherlands he decided to start his own jewellery brand and work on his own collection. And if that isn’t enough he is also working with a jewellery company as 3d CAD designer.

His work is a research between different fields like art, design, and fashion. He is experimenting with new technology and materials to create wearable contemporary body ornament without forgetting elegance and beauty.

He has the ambition to live with his creativity, designing contemporary jewels which people love to wear because they feel them to be part of their life. He also wants to have his own atelier/store where he can create and show his work and collaborate with other talented designers or artists.

Nowadays it is very important to talk about sustainability, especially when we talk about fashion. We are living in an era of over-consuming in particular regarding clothes. Big brands as Zara, H&M, Primark are in fashion what McDonald’s and BurgerKing are in the food industry. The rule is, lower cost and high profit without taking care about quality and good taste. This is why we must have to start to change. That’s why he finds it important to produce locally to be more conscious about what he is designing and wants to create a local network.

‘I want to live with respect. Respect for other people, respect for Nature and the environment. If we live respecting each other we can certainly make a better world.’

He thinks sustainable fashion is worth it to be more expensive. Independent designers are producing in small quantity taking care about quality and trying to create a close connection with their customers.

Dario Scapitta thinks Technology can help to define the entire production process, reduce time, discards and to produce small quantities of items. Technology can be combined with traditional manufacturing methods. If used in the right way it may just help to develop a better result.

‘ I would like to see the world where that two way of work can walk together to create beautiful art and design.’



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