“Women these days are not wearing something really simple and easy to go, something you can pull off with your casual wear,” says Priyanka Desai from DE’ANMA”

With everything minimal, simplistic, and basic needs, DE’ANMA designs jewelry with the focus on anything that suits a girl’s basis. Developing from their first range of ceramics, DE’ANMA is to bring their new collection of brass material with silver and gold plating to Amsterdam this season.

Coming from an Indian culture, Priyanka Desai speaks of what she observed in her country to spark her initiative to break the fashion stereotypes, “We have too many gems, details stones, and artistic stones that are used in most of our jewelry. So what I feel are women these days are not wearing something really simple.”

The brand was born from the final project Priyanka had to complete during her last year at college. “I started doing ceramic pieces, and the inspiration was our house – our house was full of ceramics. People liked my jewelry so much, they initiated the idea of doing something out of it.”

“I believe in making jewelry with different materials, but overall a simplistic design.”

The hand-crafted pieces speak for the sustainability and consciousness of DE’ANMA designs. With a belief of simplicity and effortless consciousness, Priyanka described her vision of styling: “I can see that somebody who is more sustainable would wear something more comfortable. And my jewelry is very comfortable, it’s small, light, simple – there is no fuss. I think anybody who is going to wear something more sustainable, organic, fashionable, trendy and light weighted, my jewelry will go best with that.”

Taking inspirations from little things, DE’ANMA design direction centers the creativities on geometric shapes and lines. With the focus on the basic foundation a person needs for fashion styling, Priyanka explains her doubt in society attitudes regarding the trends of sustainability and self-consciousness. “People talk about they only believe in sustainable fashion, organic fashion, but I don’t think that’s true because I think you wear it because a lot of it comes from it’s comfortable and nice.” She believes that fashion trends influence society phases and consumer behaviors a lot more than consumers realizing social issues themselves.

Do your views on society and social behaviours reflect in your designs?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think any of the seasons, or any other outside impacts affect my designs. My designs are not seasonal. It is not a garment because with jewelry you can just wear it whenever.

Most of the time when I design the jewelry, I would look at it as a styling purpose – Would I wear this jewelry? If there are pieces that I have made and I have tried them on, and if I personally don’t like it they will not go to the client. So I design things that I know I can pull it off, and I should be comfortable in it. It has to be easy for me, only then the clients are going to like it.

Do you believe in fashion collaborations?

Absolutely, I strongly believe there are way too many talented people around and the more the merrier. I have recently collaborated with a brand, and I think it’s a great way to promote two things together. I really like the styling, that’s my second favorite thing after designing jewelry, so I always think about it in a way – how to make my jewelry stand out along with a few other talented people.

Priyanka Desai clearly draws her full attention on comfort and simplicity – something she saw lacking back in her home country. She is the center of DE’ANMA, and she herself is the brand. From designing to styling, the jewelry are a part of her, which she has a strong vision of the overall picture.


By Mandy Yang

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