Denisse Montáre on what it means to be a sustainable Designer

DENISSE MONTÁRE is a young brand, proudly “Made in Spain”. Her spirit is free, urban, eclectic and sustainable.

We caught up with the conscientious designer to learn more about what exactly it means to be a sustainable designer.

What first sparked your interest in sustainable fashion creations? Tell us more about the story of your brand and its mission.

The first sparked my interest in sustainable fashion started years ago when I decide to create products made in fair trade.

Almost all of the clothes we buy in any store come from a garment based on exploitation and lack of human rights. It was difficult to find factories that make all the garments in an ethical way and without exploitation; even companies that manufactured their fabrics here in Spain and that they stamped them here.

Due to this situation, in the beginning, our own fabrics were dyed by ourselves. We found a company that works with building materials, which provided the remains of plastics and other materials. We recycle them and apply them to necklaces, T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

Now and after searching in several directions, we found a company that stamped the fabrics with biodegradable inks.

Which are your main sources of inspiration?

As a fashion designer and illustrator, the inspiration comes to me from everything that surrounds me.

The Music, (and the melodies), art, cinema, theatre, literature, urban landscapes, energy, hedonism and funny vision of life.

What’s your relationship with ever-changing fashion trends?

The role that fashion should play in our modern society should be to learn to adapt to people, and not people adapt to fashion.

Everyone is different and unrepeatable. I’m not in favour of following trends, I never follow them in my collections.

For example, in this season, the animal print is “on top”. I create pieces in that print for this season, but it just a coincidence. I believe in the personal style of each person, whatever it may be, being independent of trends that make us uniform.

Be unique, be different and be original!

Taking into account that you are a creator that works with challenges every day, what’s in your opinion the biggest challenge of the fashion industry today?

There is not only one challenge, but there are also several. And I think that’s why the fashion world attracts so much, for the good and for the bad.

Emerging brands we find several challenges, for example, making a small hole in the industry is very complicated, you have to fight hard and jump many obstacles, like:

– It is a challenge to create and make garments, for example in Europe. It is much more difficult and expensive. If you want to find companies that provide eco materials the situation is even more complicated.

-Awareness. We should buy and create products responsibly. The Fast Fashion does not contribute anything, just the opposite.

– R & D Research in new eco materials and develop them.

– Copy. It seems an isolated case, but emerging designers are faced with copying our creations by companies that have no scruples when using the work of creatives who cannot legally defend themselves.

What is your personal view of fast fashion? Do you feel that the industry as a whole is falling a bit behind if comparing to sustainable fashion?

As I mentioned in the previous question, fast fashion does not contribute anything.

Fashion, at this moment, is like a “tornado”. We buy clothes every day if we want, and in many fashion companies, there are mini collections that go out to the street every week. Now we buy clothes as we buy food in a supermarket. Many will do it because they need it, others will do it on a whim, others will do it on impulse without knowing what they are buying.

Very few people are interested in how your garment is made, what materials it has or how long it has taken to design it. The price is the most important. That is why awareness is necessary.

Virtually all major clothing companies have a work in progress in the field of sustainability. What makes your brand stand out?

We are a young and an emerging brand.

Our intention is especially in working to discover new eco-friendly fabrics that we can apply to our designs.

Now we bring products made under fair trade, we design and make them. And also, very important, we recycle building materials and we apply them to garments.

What does the future hold for your brand? Any plans you could share with us? 

We would like to contribute a different style within the world of fashion. With new fabrics and materials that can surprise the customer and always respecting the environment.

The future of fashion goes through sustainability.

Author Leticia Bordoni

Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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