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By September 19, 2017Designer

“We believe sustainability isn’t just about what happens in the physical world, but also in our mental space. We believe that if our ideas and emotions are in the right place, we’ll naturally do the right things,” says Jenny and Nate, founders of Elpis

Both Jenny and Nate are designers with an industrial design background, who also are travellers in searching their contribution to the world and what they believe in. “We’d like to bridge the creative and information gap Chiang Mai’s slow, traditional yet sustainable industries with creative individuals at believes in a better world.”

Eplis Design Studio represents the quintessential value of sustainable living. Elpis itself translates into “spirit of Hope” in Greek. From their ethics, Jenny and Nate work together to promote a green life-style and the use of unique sustainable materials to replace mass production.

“Not only do we source sustainability, our designs are items to cater to the growing crowd of eco-minded and creative people.”

Adjusting their designs to fit and welcome their audiences is where Elpis Design Studio finds motivation. “Our products are collaborations between us, artisans, and you the customers.”

Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand has become one of the core reasons and inspirations to their path and Elpis as a whole. “Chiang Mai is bountiful with natural elements, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and hills. We are also inspired by the Lanna traditions here, which have their own culture (different from the rest of Thailand). There’s this saying in Thai <Sabai Sabai> which directly translate to easy going and we try to bring that to our design with elegance.”

“Coming from Thailand we also place an emphasis on mindfulness. Being mindful of your own state of mind to build true awareness of our world. We want people to be more and more driven by compassion rather than impulse. That’s why our designs try to remind people of inner peace.”

Speaking of consciousness, with cultural impacts and traditional influences, Jenny and Nate believe in the projection of both outward and inward. “In Buddhism and neurology, our conscious awareness is in every cell of our body. So we believe if you dress ethically sourced, organic garment, you’d have a longer and more complete sensation of wellness and beauty! Beyond what the eyes can detect.”

“We want our design to last through time. We believe that a lifecycle of a product shouldn’t be determined by a mere trend.”

Despite your designs, are there any other aspects you focus on in regards to sustainability, self-consciousness, and making our world a better place?

We are contributing as citizens of the world. We don’t believe in fast fashion, thus we only have two seasonal collections per year, which coincides with the seasons here in Chiang Mai: Summer and Winter.

Lanna culture cultivates patience and mindfulness. So we try to convey that in our first collection. Balance and Simplicity. But we use a more modern representation of these ideas rather than using traditional icons.

Vintage has become a popular fashion trend, and many people think sustainable fashion interlinks with vintage and expensive garments. What are your views on this?

We think putting labels on things are not a good way to promote long-term movement. We believe vintage is also another label for sustainable fashion. If we stop focusing on those labels and start thinking consciously in terms of the whole world and how we could live in a more connected way, we would all be better off.


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