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Adriana Valcarce from KEARA has been very ambitious and passionate since she was a little kid. The world was her playground and she wanted to become something else every day. Fortunately for us, she decided to spend all her time defining her own style in fashion. She created the conscious brand KEARA that helps young people in Senegal to create the most magnificent bags. Read her story to meet the woman behind this beautiful concept.

What did you want to become when you were a kid?

I wanted to become a ballerina dancer, I danced for 10-12 years and I loved it. Then I wanted to be a singer, a writer, a journalist… and the list goes on! Growing up a little bit more, let’s say during my first teenage years, I wanted to create my own clothing brand and name it AVR. Not a very fancy name right?

How did you become a fashion designer?

I’ve always had passion and taste for fashion. I actually spent more time trying to define my own style, rather than following the latest fashion trends; I never liked that very much. I design bags and accessories now for two reasons: first, because I wanted to showcase somehow those fabrics that grew up with me, and that I always loved. And second, because of my commitment to our artisans and to developing KEARA as an artisan business that aims at offering jobs and training to young people in Senegal, and results in creating amazingly beautiful bags.

What do you think about society these days and do you translate that into your designs?

Our world needs more kindness, tolerance, and love. People need to be less afraid of one another. KEARA is about bridging cultures, inspiring other people to travel and discover the world, and showcasing the amazing work that human hands can achieve.

What do you think of technology in fashion?

I think that our society has achieved enormous progress thanks to technology in various settings. When it comes to fashion, I see its added value when it comes to e-commerce platforms and social media. Without these two, small conscious brands couldn’t have a big impact. When it comes to production processes, we see everyday more and more methods and alternatives to using natural materials that don’t harm the environment. I am totally into Piñatex now, as they have developed a method to make leather out of pineapple leaf fibers, and I would love to try out a collection with their leather.

What is your prediction for fashion trends about 30 years from now?

I think that sustainable and conscious brands will take a very important place in the fashion world and fashion industry. I trust that consumers will become more and more aware of the options they have in a changing and evolve world.

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