Giulia Brunetti Knitwear: Symmetry – Purity – Simplicity

Giulia Brunetti was born in Siena, surrounded by the wonderful hills of the Tuscan region. From the very beginning, she displayed an incredible passion for drawing, which eventually brought her to Polimoda, the International Institute for Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence: her journey in the world of fashion started right here. After specialising in knitwear design, Giulia pursued her goal to expand her knowledge and experience in the field. Over the span of fifteen years, she has worked as a knitwear designer, a sampler, and a production manager for many important brands, both in Italy and abroad: Isola Marras- winter fashion, Liviana Conti, Terre Alte, Maglificio Da.Ni – SHESSO, VOLPE D’ORO London, Parronchi Cashmere.

Giulia’s passion for fashion design has been the driving force of her career throughout the years. Her profession is not just a job, but a life experience, a journey towards the discovery of the style truest to her soul. Every creation has its distinct personality, it embodies a concept. Different shapes, soft colours and ethereal shades create unique geometrical landscapes encapsulated in each garment.

Deeply inspired by her love for art and nature, Giulia has taken their elegance and beauty as the ultimate models for all her creations.

In this era of fast fashion and overproduction where the fashion industry is facing criticism over its unsustainable production systems, Giulia Brunetti Knitwear finds the inspiration, the reason and the will to start its revolution.
The philosophy of the brand is animated by the desire to combine the quality of Italian manufacturing with eco-sustainable means of production, putting the company at the forefront of a new system of product development centred on the respect of the environment, of human health and on the promotion of social wellness.

Every aspect of the garments, from the choice of yarns to the packaging design, reflects the core values of the brand, in keeping with the concept of eco-friendly, fair fashion. This is more than a dream come true for the young designer Giulia Brunetti, it is a testimony to her commitment towards social change, which in turn fuels her will to better her creative talents. The designs are conceived to each embodies a specific identity and personality, unique creations that last in time. The fabrics use certified vegetable fibres, enhanced by natural treatments and dyes.

Knit fabrics are the key concept of every collection, an ever-changing world where a simple yarn can become a sculpture. It’s an endless universe of ideas to discover and re-invent: the mix of the finest source materials and creative flair gives life to our unique style. The vision of Giulia Brunetti Knitwear combines femininity with a rigorous attention to details, resulting in a minimalistic style which allows every woman to find her identity and to express herself through her outfit of choice. The brand’s signature geometrical shapes and innovative knitting stitches are the culmination of constant research and experimentation.
Through high-quality materials, we aim to combine comfort with timeless elegance: a minimal silhouette, clean lines, and a perfect fit are at the core of our designs. Giulia Brunetti Knitwear features materials and details chosen with the utmost care to create a ready-to-wear work of art.

Giulia Brunetti Knitwear is an innovative brand fusing its creations with nature:

“We use fibres and fabrics deriving from plants and obtained through environmentally friendly processes. Our garments are designed with a precise identity in mind: iconic and long-lasting creations, featuring contemporary knitting patterns of high artistic value, coupled with natural pigments and treatments in keeping with the properties of nature”.

The milk yarn is made from casein, the main milk protein, through a recycling process. The excess milk produced by the food and cosmetics industries is collected and then transformed into yarns. As such, there is no intensive farming involved because the source material already exists as an excess product. The advantage is double since there is no need to produce more and at the same time, it is possible to prevent waste. The current processing of the milk protein into fibre has shown great progress in the reduction of pollution. Every kilogram of yarn requires only 2 litres of water, there are no chemical agents involved and no waste. We have transformed the resulting fibres into the ideal fabrics and threads for items of clothing designed with comfort and wellness in mind.

Due to its bio origin, the milk yarn is light and hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and breathable. It guarantees the absorption of body perspiration, leaving the skin fresh and dry thanks to the fabric’s thermal properties. The remaining milk amino acids present in the fibre will care for your skin, by providing it with the necessary nourishment and moisturisation. The fabric itself is particularly pleasant to the eye and incredibly soft to the touch. This kind of textile has a bright look, it feels light, smooth and durable, maintaining its characteristics intact even after numerous washes.

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