Gnana Studio, cruelty-free and handcrafted clothing

By September 10, 2017Designer

“We go natural, we represent the change in the middle of a new Fashion Revolution, an ethical one. We are now a drop, but many drops can change the taste of the Ocean,” says Floriana Sandu, designer and founder of Gnana Studio.

Floriana Sandu grew up in a Romanian creative background in building her characteristics of a natural traveler, human lover, and a creative thinker. With influences from her grandmother and mother by their artisan experiences of sewing and crafting, Floriana has found her creative nature and passion towards arts.

Working for more than 10 years in the model industry, she speaks of her understanding of the damages made on the biodiversity in the use of products.

“After, I started to see the “not so glam” part of fashion, people in poor countries working in subhuman conditions for big brands and famous houses. Sometimes, even the models were working and living in bad conditions. I didn’t want to promote that kind of behavior my brand.”

Speaking of sustainability and conscious behavior, Floriana points out Gnana Studio’s impact and input, “We promote a transparent crafting process from suppliers to manufacturing and recycling the waste. We use only natural materials, eco furs and recycled old garments or fabrics for our products that are always made to order, so the situation of having an extra stock does not exist.”

As Gnana Studio represent Floriana as a brand yet as a person, she ensures that it understands the quality of fashion yet values the conditions of the workforce.

“I don’t have a muse or an example to follow,” says Floriana. Inspirations come from nearly everything that surrounds her, in which she finds most inspiring in the beauty of nature. “I love the wind, a spectacular sky, sunset or sunrise, landscapes, the touch of the rain, all this beauty that surrounds us and make us creative and dreamy.”

“Making ethical fashion is a result of my beliefs and an extension of my actions.”

Floriana speaks of her thoughts on making a change together with this world. She believes in human, human kindness, and the will of helping each other out to make our lives better in this world. “It’s been a long time since we only enjoy our planet fruits and not giving something back. Now, we have the intellectual and material resources to make a healthier choice for ourselves and the planet.”

Sustainable fashion can be described in many ways. For you, what relates to the outcome and input of your sustainability?

When I started to design I said that I will only make traditional Romanian costumes. I was in love with their form, fluidity, and richness. I was nostalgic about the times of my childhood in the countryside where people used to make their own fabrics, clothes and deco pieces. Their work was dependent on natural cycles and had no environmental impact.

What is your trend forecast for 30 years from now?

I think and hope the in the next years the Fashion Revolution will grow and people will be more aware and ethical. Speaking about technology, it will help us develop new kind of fabrics, less polluting fibers but with more efficiency. I think future is characterized by contrasts. We will learn to live in accordance with natural laws again and technology will help. At least, this is my perfect reflection of the future.

Yoga-lover and a vegetarian, Floriana Sandu performs her sustainable and conscious movements along her fashion and lifestyle paths. From both modeling and designer point of views, Floriana lives in a consumerist society and develops her awareness in her actions, impacts, and consumption as a whole. She acts on her beliefs and values, she and the society together are the nature, and we all must be natural.


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