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A while ago we e-met SAYA Designs and we completely fell for their hairpins. Yes, hairpins! Not only because of their unique shape and functionality, but because of the values that the brand is promoting and encouraging our society to support.

Victoria, the founder, created the company out of a deep love of nature, a growing awareness of environmental issues, and a desire to create things with a real story to tell. First, she left the UK to live and work remotely in Bali. There she started to see the bigger picture around deforestation, an issue with both global and local repercussions, and one that needs a great deal of attention and exposure. So this is what she decided to do, together with growing SAYA within the circular economy model. On their website, you can get inspired by their ETHOS page.


Leti and I decided to try the Tapioca Leaf, our favourite SAYA piece.

Our hair stick arrived in a stunning recycled packaging made from papaya pulp, and in a protective fabric sleeve to keep it safe. That was the first great surprise!

We also found out that hair sticks are incredibly easy to use and also help to reduce breakage and damage to healthy hair. Did you know that the wood holds the natural oils in your hair making it a much healthier alternative to plastic clips or elastic bands?

We made a fun photo shooting wearing this art piece that really embellished our outfits and hairstyles. And we confirmed that we all can turn heads for the right reasons while looking great and wearing an everlasting functional accessory.

The Tapioca Leaf is a handcrafted hair stick, carved and finished by traditional woodcarvers in Bali, Indonesia. The wood used to create each piece comes from salvaged root wood from harvested plantations. Each Tapioca Leaf hair stick sold plants five trees into protected forests in Indonesia.

At SAYA they take a waste material and turn it into something beautiful and purposeful while giving back to those dedicated to protecting our planet.

Get yours and join the community!

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