Are you fond of fashion and art? Are you good at selling? Are you a crafty person? Do you want to boost your creativity and implementing new ideas within our learning and development community?

We are looking:

Brands & Designers

To celebrate sustainable fashion design, we curate a special selection of brands, and art exhibitions and performances to be all together in an outstanding venue for each P A U S E edition.

We are looking for creators that prioritize creativity, ethical design, and a strong personal vision. Our purpose is to connect with the soul behind the product, with dreams later than goals. Your brand will be displayed together with international designers framed in the philosophy of sustainability.

To be part of P A U S E Pop-Up 5th edition APPLY here.

For other services, please contact us to


Open call to artists from different disciplines to show their work at PAUSE. We are seeking for those who are trying to set a statement around consciousness. You are invited to create with us a multisense experience.

To take part in the selection, send your works’ submission with a CV/biography, some still images, links of videos/films via e-mail to 


Your sponsorship of P A U S E is a strong statement about your organization’s commitment to the field of fashion and arts as well as your commitment to the professional development of your company.
Benefits include publicity and professional development as well as press, networking and business development.

To take part in the selection, send us your company’s name and the links to your website or social media via e-mail to