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We have the opportunity to meet the Dutch fashion designer Judith van Vliet. Judith is a sustainable fashion designer who likes to take on a challenge. The past few years she has developed her own personal style and gained experience working with various techniques and materials. She finds it challenging to combine conventional clothes with unconventional materials and shapes, resulting in collections that can be both clothes and art.

Judith’s work has been shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week, the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, Cologne Fashion Days, Salone del Mobile (Milan), Identity Dress (Ljubljana) and many more.

RAW MATERIALS by Judith van Vliet – the making off

Latest project (currently working on) Van Hollandse Bodem, from Dutch Ground. Judith and the shoe designer Amber Ambrose Aurèle joined their forces for a brand new concept, which is called ‘Van Hollandse Bodem’. As the name already gives away, it’s about The Netherlands. A sustainable collection that is designed and made in The Netherlands, mainly from Dutch sustainable resources and produced, from source to yarn to fashion, as much as possible in this country.

“The inspiration of the collection is our beautiful country. We would like to introduce our first design, the inspiration comes from the ever-turbulent North Sea and is as well inspired by the masterpieces of Mondriaan. Dutch painter Mondriaan was one of the artists who were part of the Dutch Art Movement “De Stijl”, which exists already for 100 years in 2017.”

Judith’s biggest goal is to create her own fashion, that is both art and clothes, available worldwide, made with respect to our planet, in a sustainable way. Clothes that can be bought not only by the richest people but for everyone, who is willing to buy less but buy nicer and better things.

– Photo Credits –
Photography: Melissa Houben
Set-design: Willemijn Bos
Art-direction: Willemijn Bos, Melissa Houben
Shoe design: Amber Ambrose Aurèle
Fashion design: Judith van Vliet


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