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Adriana Valcarce founder of KEARA thinks of sustainability as a way to give everybody a fair chance to build a future. Adriana feels that sustainability has a great social impact. She thinks that sustainable fashion gives more value to your job in fashion and more pleasure in life.

KEARA is a high quality leather bags & accessories brand based in Dakar, Senegal. Founded after her third year of living in Senegal. Adriana describes KEARA as ‘a bit of her’, as it represents a fusion between Senegal and Bolivia. She works in collaboration with highly skilled Senegalese artisans to create handmade leather goods with a detailing of traditional Bolivian textiles.

What makes KEARA unique are the materials they use, the history behind them, and the way they produce the bags and accessories. They use leather from Morocco, Ethiopia, and in some cases Europe. The textiles come from Bolivia and they represent centuries of textile tradition, crafted by women that inherited this know-how from one generation to another. Finally, their business model strives for social impact, as they work in collaboration with artisans to create stable jobs and life satisfaction opportunities. They have a small team that is now growing, as they train young artists to join KEARA.

There is a dynamic young entrepreneurial spirit in Dakar, and this is something that boosts her motivation. Her daily inspiration comes from Senegal. A country that has enchanted her:

Dakar is a city where I can see the sea everywhere I go and where the constant joy of its people nourishes my soul.’

Adriana is really passionate and wants to create a workspace for the artisans, a place where they get inspiration, motivation, and satisfaction from their jobs. She is stepping up here game too and would like to find at least 5-10 boutiques until March 2017 in Europe and the US to sell the KEARA products.

She thinks it is very important to be a conscious buyer and to know that what you purchase is helping people to change their lives, rather than nourishing a massive production system that is just not working anymore. ‘Our world is facing important challenges, and she believes that alternatives are spreading all over, giving a space for everybody to contribute. Therefore we all have a role to play.’



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