Bags that transform and inspire: kite.pride

Seldom do brands integrate strong purpose into their foundations that direct and guide every step of theirs. And seldom does this purpose seamlessly merge with great ideas and truly innovative ability, in the way kite.pride, an accessories brand has done.

kite.pride not only repurposes old, damaged kites and gives them new lives, they also offer opportunities to people exiting the sex industry by teaching them new, marketable skills. Through the NGO Glowbalact, kite.pride uses craft and the colourful product as a form of therapeutic healing to give a second chance to people escaping prostitution. These men and women are taught to make durable, functional, unique products from reclaimed kites of high-performance material, including totes, backpacks and pouches that are vibrant and instantly eye-catching.

“The process of creating a product out of “trash” material, can be related with the personal challenging life of the employee. Taking something broken/trash, repurposing it and recreating it is giving it a SECOND WIND, and gives birth to a new life- that is something to be proud of.”

Their studio is situated just 10 minutes from the ocean, which they are constantly inspired by, infusing energy into the kitesurfing sport and the material they use to make their beautiful bags, each one different from the other. Riding the wave against fast fashion, kite.pride aims in creating products that have a soul, are value for money and bought with purpose and love.

“Our actual business name is A.I.R. – Act. Inspire. Restore.

We ACT on the crime of fast fashion.

We INSPIRE others to join the movement.

We RESTORE material and help people.”

kite.pride sees itself as a sustainable brand whose model can be copied and franchised internationally, to create second chances for people exiting prostitution all over the world.

“Our firm belief is in standing together for the basic human right of freedom, which means people above product. It would be a dream to have a major company partner with us and use our brand as an example of how to create ethical and sustainable fashion.”

Inspirational in their method of working, kite.pride proves that by combing business with a social cause, brands can use fashion as an effective tool to help both people and planet heal and thrive.

Author Nayanika Bharadwaj

Designer, artist, illustrator and writer passionate about sustainable design and living. Recently graduated with a degree in fashion from NIFT, Mumbai. Currently living in Chennai, India

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