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My drive comes from the internal urge to create pieces that mean something,” says Kshma Kheskani, the founder and designer of Kshma and Devanshi


Kshma and Devanshi together create a conscious range of ‘Rangreet’, which is to represent to fill in the void of affordable yet chic khadi cotton and linen pieces in the fashion market.

With the focus on research into current trends, Kshma and Devanshi react their inspirations accordingly to the designs. As the society and market affect the fashion industry drastically, thinking about sustainability and consciousness, they take small steps each time to fulfill the sustainable responsibilities of each individual. “Our bags are made from recycled craft paper and are hand-Block printed. We also recycle the Fabric waste in our studio. We are taking it one step at a time.”

Why have you chosen this path for your designs? Is there a specific reason to your conscious designs?

Many of you might know this but the condition of Indian artisans is worsening with every decade. They don’t have proper means of income or a constant flow of work. Government is trying to uplift them by introducing Khadi Houses, which only sell Khadi products but even those are closing down due to insufficient clientele. We aim to change this one place at a time. We get our fabrics either woven from the artisans itself or through these Khadi houses so that they can be kept alive and the workers there get constant work to continue making handspun and hand-woven fabrics.

How would you recommend/influence consumers to be more sustainable in consumption?

The first step to anything is awareness. We request them to be conscious and aware of the products that they are using and its impact. The rest they are smart enough to figure out what to do.

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