LALF is a modern lifestyle brand with a clear understanding of how the world is changing and how each of us needs to evolve with it.

‘We believe that love is the energy that moves the world, and we believe it is our responsibility to share that love with everyone around us. We love animals, we love fashion, and we love other people. LALF is inspired by love, and LALF is a way for us to share that love through healthy and conscious clothing. That is our driving force.’ Leonardo and Daniuska, founders of LALF.

What first sparked your interest in sustainable fashion creations? Tell us more about the story of your brand and its mission.

We believe in a world where there is balance, love, and life everywhere; a world where the environment, animals and even people do not need to be harmed or exploited to thrive. We believe in healthy fabrics: healthy for you and the planet. It is our responsibility to look for alternative ways to produce apparel; that is why we are creating systems to provide healthy fabrics. We want to change the way sustainability is viewed in fashion – we want it to go beyond one or two things that change. We want to create a movement that changes the entire system.

What’s your relationship with ever-changing fashion trends?

We try not to pay much attention to trends, we have found that when you focus too much on trends, you tend to follow them. We are focusing our energy into being trendsetters rather than trend followers. We want our products to last and our designs to be classic but fashionable. We want people to feel the love and energy of nature when they use our clothes. We’re not fast-fashion and never will be.

Taking into account that you are a creator that works with challenges every day, what’s in your opinion the biggest challenge of the fashion industry today?

We feel the major challenge is creating unique experiences for the consumer that increases their awareness and consciousness regarding the environment and all living beings. Today, fashion is considered the second dirtiest industry after oil. The way it’s done today is extremely toxic for our environment, and it’s not sustainable. Our long-term challenge is to change that and find new ways to produce fashion apparel that does not harm the planet.

“On a micro-level, our challenge is finding the right vendors that are sustainable, organic, and vegan and we’re willing to travel the world to find them.”

What is your personal view of fast fashion? Do you feel that the industry as a whole is falling a bit behind if comparing to sustainable fashion?

Fast fashion focuses on rapidly changing trends, looking to increase profitability. The luxury of fashion is now about making smart clothing for conscious consumers. Lalf supplies men + women with what they need while giving them what they want.

Buy to wear, Buy to keep.

Virtually all major clothing companies have a work in progress in the field of sustainability. What makes your brand stand out?

Because of growing awareness, many companies have started different initiatives in the field of sustainability, and we applaud that, however, we feel not all stakeholders are vested or taking a stand which translates into a prolonged process. For LALF it’s all or nothing. We’re an all or nothing kind of brand. We’re doing vegan, organic, and sustainable, not because we have to, but because we feel the social responsibility to provide an alternative for our customer. That is why we go the extra mile.

What does the future hold for your brand? Any plans you could share with us?

Absolutely! We’ll be launching a new collection of true everyday basics for men and women in the coming months. We are also currently developing new materials that align with our mission. Stay tuned!

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