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Reinventing each day and filling the day with new shapes and colours. Ave Villar, Spanish fashion designer and founder of Laloba Shoes, thinks It’s fun and even inevitable. She has an unquiet character, and fashion has always been a form of expression for her. Creating shoes has become something she has dreamed for many years. Until one day her dream became reality.

Ave creates beautiful shoes, which show a part of the personality of the person who wears them. The shoes demonstrate how oneself is, dare to show different, slightly irreverent.

Ave: “Sustainability is a transversal value present in my life, an engine of change, necessary and essential. We can stay thinking that big changes come from forces outside of ourselves. Or we decide to get involved and bet on being part of that change. As a brand and as a person behind the brand, I think it is necessary to create a value in which, beyond satisfying aesthetic and practical needs, it is possible to respond to criteria of human, environmental and social responsibility. The way, how things are done, is important, it is a fundamental part of our shoes. It is a way of engaging with people who will fit my designs.”

I responded to the desire to create in a conscious and sustainable way, to be part of a change toward a society where the consumer not only decides what to buy but also pushes and participates with its way of buying.

I get inspired by women: women over time, women today. Women with strength, intuition, and character, able to transmit confidence, certain non-conformism, and fun.’

Ave finds it really important that the women who work next to her, are respected and valued for their work. That the shoes can be worn by great women. Women who know they are part of a change towards a sustainable model of life and that their conscious purchases make that possible. She dreams of having the capacity to integrate vulnerable groups within her project because they touch her closely. They play an important role in our society, but they have not been visible yet.

Her designs last in time, for quality and design. In their manufacture they use high qualities Spanish leather, treated without chrome. And they manufacture the shoes in local workshops to minimize our environmental impact in all processes, reduce CO2 emissions and favour the development of local industry and economy. She also participates in platforms for the dissemination of sustainable consumption, being open to collaborations with other responsible producers, promoting the knowledge of consumer proposals that do not violate or guarantee sustainability principles.

Ave: It’s impossible to keep closing our eyes to the reality in order for buying a product at a low price. In order for the working people’s salaries to be fair, we must pay for the products correctly. When we consume brands that are manufactured in other continents without labor and environmental guarantees, we are being complicit in a destruction of resources. But most consumers still do not know this. That is why awareness is so important.’

Ave thinks that consuming with ignorance is very expensive. It’s time to open our eyes and stop fooling ourselves with cheap candy made from labor exploitation, child labor and without control over the environment. The problem is, that society has become accustomed to consuming in big quantities of bad products with a very short life.

It is not a utopia to change the world, you can be part of the change. When you choose a more responsible consumption, you advance towards a real impact. Products that preserve biodiversity, labor guarantees, local development, recycling of raw materials, integration of vulnerable groups. It is possible to buy beautiful things without damaging our world!

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