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Laura Angillieri defines herself as an Italian sensitive soul with a rational and straight German mind. Being a child of immigrated parents, brought her to be stuck in the middle of two different cultures. Italy stands for fashion, elegance, the refined way to live life. Germany has a rough attitude to manage life, but at the same time transmits regularity and consistency.

Shoes and bags have always been a product of fascination for Laura. In Milan and Rome, she started to give shape to her ideas. The thought of the gloves was born in Rome, the elegance and feminine memories of a woman of old times, led her to a long research towards Naples. Where the gloves industries are one of the oldest traditions in Italy.

Creating a product which is a fusion of craftsmanship, individual design and feeling is what thrives her. She also recognized the evolution of the luxury market. The mass production and consumption of luxury products. Everybody is suddenly a fashion expert known for their blogger mentality. Sustainability is so important to reset these developments. To start over the traditional meaning of luxury. Changing values and habits of consumption. Let´s keep our distance from more, faster and cheaper and grow towards integrity, fewer pieces, high quality and most of all, being timeless.

She thinks people look at the prices in the wrong way: ‘It represents the work and story behind the product. You pay for the product as well as you pay for the effort, frustration, passion, joy and the time an artist spends on creating and developing this special product, therefore it is not expensive at all’.

Find your own individuality. Consciousness starts by yourself. Buy one item which represents your own individuality. The story behind this item represents your own thoughts and beliefs, so you will love and respect that item.


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