Lovia turns leftovers into luxury accessories. Combining ethical values to chic designs, Lovia makes luxury leather bags and jewellery from Nordic excess and recycled materials.

What’s your passion?

Transparency is our passion. To be fully transparent, Lovia has created a unique DNA profile that links each individual product with a web profile that reveals the whole production chain behind it at LOAVIA collection. We think being open about our manufacturing process will open new doors for others and in the long run our way of doing will spread and make the world a little bit better.

Why do you think sustainability is so important?

The world can’t take all the consumption, this is why we have decided to use existing materials as our product’s main materials. Like said before, Lovia turns leftovers into luxury by creating new items from materials already existing.

What made you take control and design conscious wear yourself? And When?

Our head designer Outi was debating with her own ideology and the fashion business norm few years back and decided to take a break from everything. During this break she came up with the idea of Lovia, meet the consumer’s need of luxury accessories which are made sustainably. Lovia started in 2014 and we brought out our first commercial collection in spring 2015.

What’s your inspiration? Do you have someone you look up to?

The inspiration in Lovia’s collection starts with the materials that are available. It is unusual to start the design process from materials but we sources materials from several producers all over Nordics and start thinking of what can be done with these materials. The inspiration for aesthetics also comes from combining Finnish folklore mythologies like Kalevala to modern Scandinavian looks. Nature has very  important role as a source of the inspiration and especially the pine tree, tree of wisdom, has a special role in Lovia’s collection details.

What are your goals?

Lovia’s ultimate goal is to become a new design house – this means we could bring together the market, materials and manufacturers. For example now that most of our materials come from the Nordics and manufacturing is in Italy, in the future we aim to have material hub also in Italy and several other spots across the world.

You design bags, is there something else you do to make the world a better place?

We consider ourselves as activists. We try to raise awareness of different issues in design industry. We also work with mainly local or small producers to support their work also. We think that by making smart choices with decisions who we work with, will grow both of our businesses and in the long run create jobs.

Many people think sustainable fashion is very expensive, what do you think about this?

We think it is quite normal that sustainable fashion is more expensive, often sustainable brands are independent and produce smaller quantities. This itself makes the items more expensive. And we are not even talking about the manufacturers’ more reasonable costs.

In the world of fast fashion we think it would be more important to start talking about cost per wear rather than price of an item.

Many people still buy too many clothes and find it hard to buy more conscious. Can you give them any advice to help them out a little?

Start small & Buy friends for life. You don’t have to turn your whole wardrobe over at once, if you buy few pieces less every month, you can invest in pieces that you know you will enjoy years and years later and which will also last for those years.

What do you think about society these days and do you translate that into your designs?

People still want to use fashion and look stylish. We think that the sustainable brands have to make desirable items that they will sell for their looks and not just relay on the ethical values. People want to have beautiful things and it is the designer’s duty to make products that are both beautiful and sustainable.

What do you think of technology in fashion?

Lovia is definitely pro-technology, we think the future is online and in technology.

What is your prediction for fashion trends about 30 years from now?

Sustainability is a norm and fast fashion is frond upon.

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