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It looks like we’ve got ourselves surrounded with power women. Ellen Mensink, founder and director of Brightloops and its label Loop.alife wants to be and make the change. Ellen says: ‘There is no planet B, we have to take care of our environment.’ Therefore, she started a foundation which is called Creative City Lab which organizes innovations labs with top students on important sustainable issues, such as sustainable textile, sustainable food and sustainable energy. Now they are the first in The Netherlands that produced 100% recycled textile garments!

She thinks The Netherlands has all the valuable recourses to make high quality textile and fashion. She wants to show that we can take care of our resources, our nature, our people and ourselves and make sustainable fashion.

Ellen: ‘I believe that nature has all the answers, which is the biomimicry way of looking at the world.’

Her goal is not only to be a successful sustainable brand, but also to stimulate consumers and professionals, to support and stimulate the transmission to a circular textile and fashion industry.

She says sustainable fashion isn’t expensive: ‘We prove the difference. If you buy more quality and slow fashion items it lasts longer and you will enjoy it much longer.’ What’s expensive about that?

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