MARLE THOMSON talented Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter.

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Marle Thomson is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, producer and performer. She writes her own music and released two albums in The Canopy (2016) and The Canopy – Acoustic (2017) and played on many different stages in the past two years.

“I love to work together with other creative people and love to think about a ‘total concept.”

The covers of her LP / CD’s are very graphic, Marle loves the design, which could also be a really nice print for fabric for instance (she would love to make clothing with this print! Working on it!). For her ‘concept store tour’ in 2016 – Marle was performing in about fifteen different concept stores –

“I also had cassettes with a mp3 download code made in the same design, as well as postcards and magnets. Cute products that were also sold in the stores where I performed.”

Marle does her own styling at the moment and she is very interested in fashion. She often borrows her outfits for her shows, as a member of Lena the fashion library, where she also discovered young designers that she contacts sometimes, to wear their designs. Marle thinks it’s nice to promote another creator.

“I worked together with fashion designers Judith van Vliet and Anbasja Blanken at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016. For Judith’s show, I performed one of my own songs during her show in the Amsterdam Tower, and, on the Dutch Sustainable Fashion week as well. For Anbasja I created a soundscape and the music for the runway and I performed live as well. This was a great experience.”


Marle and Alexandra also worked together for her show in the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam in March 2017, when Marle presented her latest album ‘The Canopy – Acoustic’. Alexandra styled the room and Marle wore her designs during the show.

‘I had a couple of 360 degrees video’s made of this show, so if you have these 360-googles you can still attend the show as if you were there! I love the audience to have a ‘total experience’. When I released my first album in Paradiso Amsterdam, we also dressed the room with about 40 plants and worked with video projection. I wanted to have this ‘installation’, where you walk into a room and are in a different world, forget about your job and daily sorrows. I love to create another world for my audience with my music. It is so nice to get inspired by other creative disciplines like art, fashion, dance, video-makers, graphic design.’


For her latest video ‘Satellites’ – which was released in January 2017- Marle worked together with Alexandra Frida, who styled and helped her with the concept. They got a lot of attention on international blogs (mainly from the UK) with this video.

At the moment Marle is setting up a collaboration with Lena the fashion library – to create a mini-vlog series about music and fashion. Marle will be interviewing different artists about this link and how fashion makes can influence their performance, and what their personal style is.


To build her audience and to expand in the next couple of years, all over the world is Marle’s goals. Actually, she is working on new material and Marle hopes to release new music in 2018.

‘I’d love to work together with others, for the video’s, graphics, photos and brainstorm new concepts.’

Marle also really love to help others, to brainstorm about total different projects than her own. She’d love to be part of another organization where Marle can put in her creative energy, communication skills and everything else she has to offer.

‘I love to work together and hope to be part of something bigger than only my music and me.’

To stay abreast of all Marle Thomson activities, you are invited to join on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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