MICHAELA MARKOVIC, clothes that become better over time.

By August 22, 2017Designer

“My brand stands for longevity,” says Mihaela Markovic, “I don’t want clothes to be thrown away.”

“I want people to go back to those times when we were investing and building something, not just your wardrobes, but everything.”

Knitwear has become Mihaela’s focus after her work experiences at internships and fashion houses. She speaks of her values in bringing together old craftsmanship. “I have a group of women in Bosnia with whom I collaborate with, so they knit according to my designs. That’s just one part of my interests, I want to connect antique and ancient kind of work…like knitting, it’s very old, like fishermen fishing.”

Process and materials are all at Mihaela’s concern and focus. “In all angles, I try to be as sustainable as I can.” For her designs, she aims to create clothing and patterns that can be transformed and worn in different ways. “Even if you have a piece of clothing that is a piece of art, sometimes you can get bored and tired of it. So, the possibility of wearing clothing in so many different ways is very important for me.”

“For me, it’s not about…Ok, I sold it, that’s it.” Mihaela emphasizes on her motivation for her work as she constantly speaks with her clients. She starts conversations with her clients and builds a solid relationship around which she grasps the desires and needs of the market.

“All kinds of art, when they unite, they prove to be a great source of inspiration.”

Knitwear, as it is not thought to be focused greatly on trend, itself is something you don’t change that much. “Knitwear, there is always classical shapes you can wear,” says Mihaela.

“This whole idea of a person putting hours of work into one piece of clothing, when you buy it, it has to have an impact on you.”

She speaks of her motivation, “What drives me the most is this longevity.” Her pieces and designs are thought beyond current trends and colours. Mihaela thinks further into the future and develops clothing that will still be loved in ten or twenty years time.

Sustainability, self-awareness, and ethical impacts have been developing in this world. Would you say this is affected by the trend?

I don’t think they are really affected. I think a lot of people are into it because of ‘being sustainable’. But, even if that’s the reason for them being sustainable, it is still good. We can’t expect too much from people. I think we can’t expect the society to change in a year or in a few years. It takes really tiny steps so the world can slowly come to its senses that we all need to change. It is going to change, it just needs time. It is a trend now, but I believe soon half of the world’s population will be sincerely aware of it.

How would you recommend the society or people to be more consciously aware?

In my point of view…I am designing clothes that are meant to last you longer than the lifetime. I think each of us has to realize, although we have different jobs and different backgrounds, to think of ways to implement sustainable impacts in their own lives. Nobody can tell you this actually, I can tell you and you can Google it, but until you are really deeply touched no one can make an impact for you.


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