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By November 27, 2017Pause pop-up
To P A U S E to expand and create a Home.
Since the end of P A U S E Pop-Up #4 edition, we have been working hard on our next step, P A U S E Fashion Coworking Space. We have been developing our new project for more than a year and now that it’s close to becoming a reality we want to share this with all of you.
After 4 editions of independently producing P A U S E Conscious Pop-Up, working with more than 100 sustainable fashion brands from every corner of the world, and developing a huge networking of local artists, freelancers, and creative companies, we are creating the first fashion coworking space in Amsterdam within the philosophy of art and sustainability. It will work together with our pop-ups offering a dynamic platform that will adapt to our member’s needs.
This new fashion and art niche space will bring international designers and freelancers to interact and work with our creatives too.
Creatives and fashion companies are looking for REAL collaborative work, showrooms to invite retailers, press, and clients, a photo studio to make campaigns and editorials, together with specific advice and activities to help them succeed.
On the other hand, we believe that a conscious and sustainable way of working in an environment full art performances and exhibitions tends to get everybody more inspired. This is why P A U S E wants to offer this space that is going to allow every member to grow better and bigger.
P A U S E Conscious Pop Up is the origin, while P A U S E Fashion Coworking space is a stable and long-term place for designers, artists, fashion photographers, journalists, and bloggers to gather and share limitless creativity and networking. A space to work, exhibit, collaborate, sell, and call Home.
Are you in? Do you want to know more? Send us an email to and we will get in touch!

Author Leticia Bordoni

Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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