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philomena zanetti

Philomena Zanetti is a Berlin based high premium women wear brand in the holistic sustainable sector, that was founded in 2014 by Julia Leifert. She says sustainable fashion is the future.

She chose to study law and fashion management and decided to design her own clothing at the same time! And that’s not all. She was so successful at it that she started her own line in 2014. Now, two years later, she has two collections a year and shows them as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin for the third time and runs a successful online store.

Philomena Zanetti designs give a strong and sophisticated voice to the fashion forward woman. She works with the highest quality standards with one of a kind materials ethically sourced in Europe. All products are cruelty free.

Julia: ‘For me, everything can be inspiring, but especially people, contemporary art and architecture. I have a passion for fashion history and extraordinary materials. Often I see a special fabric or material and know in that moment what I am going to create out of it.’

Julia wants to show people fashion is so much more than a cheap garment you can buy around the corner. She thinks we can do much better and learn from the past. She has many goals on her to do list, but making people more aware will always be a priority.






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