Private SALE – Inspired by the World – Amsterdam

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Private SALE – Inspired by the World – Amsterdam

When: March 29th from 6 p.m to 10 p.m

Where: Tunnel 37. Tussen de Bogen 37, 1013 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands

We invite you to an evening of discovery. To explore a different sense of aesthetics, memory and desires. This group of multicultural sustainable brands got together to produce an unforgettable evening. From the rhythms of Latin America to the colours of India till the wild beauty of the Wadden Islands – revive with us the original meaning of trade, the true exchange between cultures and people.

Carefully selected pieces from international designers will be shown and brought specially for your shopping enjoyment. Embark on a journey with brands that work towards a fair, environmentally friendly and transparent fashion industry. We believe that wearing multicultural fashion shows acceptance and respect for other backgrounds, at the same time helping to reconnect with local traditions in an era where globalization has blurred cultures and created a homogeneous lifestyle.

Indie and new folk from all over the world mixed with hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s will be played by Laura Estrada Alamilla of DJ World. Free flowing prosecco and freshly mixed pina coladas will be served all evening with tortilla chips. Toast with us to global beats!



Zazu Amsterdam creates stylish knitwear for women, all handmade in Ecuador. The garments tell the story of the women of the Ecuadorian Andes, who still use ancestral knitting and weaving techniques. Every ZAZU garment bears a ticket with the name of its maker, so you can find easily out who made your clothes! Silky soft, luxurious wool from the alpaca llama and merino sheep sustainably sourced in Latin America result in beautiful design pieces where a European sense of style combines with Ecuadorian craftsmanship. It is difficult to describe the feeling of a sumptuously soft garment made of alpaca or merino wool on your skin, you have to experience it yourself!

12knots jewelry is a brand based in Holland. The designs evoke tribal values with a sense of life and destiny, love and faith. The exclusive L&G red cords symbolise the fusion of two thoughts: love and goodwill. The story behind the L&G red cord has been inspired by traditional beliefs from three continents – Latin America, Asia and the Middle East -, each having folklore related to the cord. Its essence is positive energy, creating magic when we give it away to someone we love or care for. Discover 12knots jewelry collection to help us spread Love & Goodwill!

BACSartisancollections blends modern living with ancient traditions. Merging cultures, quality and beauty, they are driven by the desire to maintain true artisanal work. Seeking out and creating beautiful collections from timeless classics. Always staying true to their origins and evolving with style. Developing exclusive collections in collaboration with local artisans in Latin America and Nepal combining styles and influences that fit a modern lifestyle.

Manto Abrigos from Argentina. A special international appearance! Manto was born in a magical and organic way in small villages in the northwest of Argentina. Moved by the way in which the Andean people treasure their art by keeping to their identity, Manto Abrigos is a way to connect with them. To generate a fruitful social, cultural, artistic and professional relationship between the Andean weavers and those of us living in cities.

In Quechua Manto means from the sky, from above.

Manto is protection, a hug and shelter.
The textile is in charged, it has a soul,
It travels its own journey and has a story.
It was born out of my deepest need to connect with nature and a culture that was still strongly integrated to it.

OF THE ISLANDS reminds us to also look for treasures in our own backyard with home spa line featuring purest 100% natural magnesium oil and salt right here from the Netherlands. It is a story of our origins, with the salt coming from ancient Zechstein Sea that existed millions of years ago where now is Northern Europe and the North Sea. Magnesium is needed by all cells in our body for energy, strength and detox.

Inspired by the natural and wild beauty of the Wadden Islands, OF THE ISLANDS mission is to continue bravely on the path towards building a sustainable future of well being.

PURE Philosophy is a natural skincare line from the island of Crete. It produces Holistic Organic skincare and Nutrition products by using natural and organically farmed ingredients. Bringing us beauty traditions of the mighty Minoan women, teaching us the secrets of beauty based on the holistic approach to living well and in harmony with nature around us. Maximize the benefits to our skin and health, while minimizing environmental impact is the motto of the brand.

Discover the multi-purpose Cretan avocado oil that is a must-have in every purse!

Etairnity Store was created out of love for easy indoor plants and fine design. A wide selection of easy to maintain plants and inspirational indoor design plant holders is offered to turn your house into an amazing urban jungle.

Wana Bana was born out of the need to have a social impact in developing countries. The brand produces unique, exclusive, hand-crafted clothing and accessories fairly made in Colombia. Wana Bana is for people that want to contribute to the continuity of this planet by making mindful choices: buying a great design with respect for the environment and the people. For those who enjoy life, a good home atmosphere, clever ideas and want to feel unique. For those who are always looking for a new experience!

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