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Leticia Bordoni, founder of Pura Patria decided to take action and spread the word with her conscious webshop. She has created a platform for the most talented argentine designers, based in Amsterdam and ship worldwide.

She thinks that creating awareness is the most important way to a sustainable living.

“I decided to be a vegetarian when I was 18 and years old. Over the years I’ve learned that all my decisions have great impact. I want to be aware of the impact I’m making”.

The Pura Patria webshop represents one of the most creative countries in the world. Every designer has a strong personality and a profound story about their motivation. These designers create outstanding designs and make each garment unique.

Leticia has big plans and wants the whole world to enjoy the Argentinean designs. But she can think of many other ways to be more conscious. Build your own unique wardrobe and search for items in secondhanded shops, from sustainable designers. Vintage and handmade garments are known for their quality and high standards which make these items perfect to use for several years! It’s also a brilliant thing to organize a “clothing swap” with your friends and change each other’s items! You have to try this, it’s fun and you can get new clothes without paying anything!

Leticia thinks it’s most important that we become more aware and realize that if something is really cheap it’s because someone is paying the real cost.


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