Who are you and what do you do?

HS: We are QWSTION, a Zurich-based, contemporary backpack brand.

What’s your drive/motivation/passion?

CK: Our aim is to create bags that are just as convincing on the daily (bicycle) commute as when things get more formal in a business meeting. Design, functionality and sustainability matter to us.

Why do you think sustainability is so important?

CK: There is just one world, how can sustainability not be important?

What made you take control and sell/design/promote conscious wear yourself? And When?

SK: We started in 2008 because we could not find the bags we wanted for ourselves. That’s why we decided to develop sustainable solutions for mobility and flexibility. Every QWSTION bag offers various carrying options, we question the norm in matters of look, functionality, and construction and integrate these aspects in our designs.

What’s your inspiration? Do you have someone you look up to?

CK: Everyday life offers plenty of inspiration.

What are your goals?

MG: We want to keep improving standards and continue innovating with design, material development, functionality.

You design bags, is there something else you do to make the world a better place?

HS: With our All Weather Coat, we have created a well-designed, functional everyday coat, that works in many different situations. Just like with our bags. This philosophy may apply to more areas in the future, who knows?

Many people think sustainable fashion is very expensive, what do you think about this?

MG: Continuously improving our standards is challenging – it also makes our manufacturing vastly more expensive than working in „traditional“ processes. Still, there is no other direction to pursue.

Many people still buy too many clothes and find it hard to buy more conscious. Can you give them any advice to help them out a little?

SK: We are in constant dialogue with our customers: it is obvious, this attitude is changing, and the number of people who actually care very much about their purchases is vastly growing.

What do you think about society these days and do you translate that into your designs?

HS: It’s definitely an interesting time we experience.

What do you think of technology in fashion?

SK: Technology will grow wherever it can add value.

What is your prediction for fashion trends about 30 years from now?

MG: We expect the industry being more sustainable, more transparent and honest towards their customers, that is an ongoing trend.

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