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Do you have what it takes to RETHINK Fashion?

Did you know that the fashion and textile industry is one of the world’s most polluting?

A recent report forecasts fashion industry sales growth to nearly triple between 2016 and 2018 (from 1.5 percent to between 3.5 and 4.5 percent). The average consumer now buys 60 percent more clothing items a year and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago. As a consequence of fast fashion, the wardrobe is saturated, with more than 100 billion pieces of garments produced annually.

Amidst ongoing industry pressures to produce more clothes at less cost, Redress – a pioneering Hong Kong-based NGO – continues to work to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. A variety of dynamic programmes is offered to minimise the negative impacts of fashion, whilst promoting innovative new models and driving growth towards a more sustainable industry via the circular economy.

In particular, the global expansion of Redress Design Award feeds urgent need to embed sustainability into the fashion industry as an economic necessity.

The world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition works to educate emerging fashion designers around the world about sustainable design theories and technique.

Last year, British designer Kate Morris won first prize demonstrating the power of the circular economy, where nothing goes to waste. Kate’s playful, pop-art inspired limited collection launches with The R Collective, the pioneering up-cycled fashion brand and social impact business. The collection is made from textile waste, ranging from bridal wear offcuts mixed with military uniforms to abandoned umbrellas and damaged yarns.

“I believe the fashion industry has reached a critical point and I want to be part of the change – designing sustainable items of beauty for the masses is my dream and I am excited about winning this competition as it will me enable to contribute to a better future”, these the words of award-winning designer Kate Morris.

Check out the trailer for Redress’ new documentary Frontline Fashion II – a documentary series following talented emerging fashion designers finalists of the world’s biggest sustainable fashion design competition, the Redress Design Award.

In 2018, after seven highly successful cycles, the competition re-launched with a fresh new look and name change: previously known as the EcoChic Design Award, the new Redress Design Award directly reflect the work of Redress itself and its overarching mission to reduce textile waste and ultimately fuel a circular system for fashion.

Play your part in REDRESSING the world!

Find out more about The Redress Design Award 2018 with The R Collective here!


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