Rhumaa is a socially responsible storytelling fashion brand. They work with talented up & coming artists from developing countries such as South Africa and share their art & stories through fashion. Their motivation stems from cultural and personal stories from around the world, and especially South Africa. They are driven to help young South African’s find themselves and want to contribute to the fair and sustainable textile and fashion industry.

Sustainability is hugely important to every aspect of their business; from the natural fabrics they choose and the journey they take, to their hand selected partners who strive to build responsible practices and the quality of our end products.

They strive for every collection to live in wardrobes for a lifetime, with stories that feel honest and relevant to the person wearing it.

‘We believe in social consciousness and hope to build improved responsible processes and to inspire our consumers about being more aware of what they buy.’

We are inspired by the hidden talents in our world and this is not a cliché. ‘

‘Creation and skill are found in small pockets of the world everywhere and these chance offerings inspire us to do more and share more every day.’

Rhumaa aims to produce fashion that means something. They aim to encourage people to think about what they buy and the story behind it. They do this by sharing art from developing artists and their stories through fair fashion.

The Rhumaa Foundation was created at the onset of the business because it lives at the heart of the Rhumaa idea and concept. Every time a purchase is made, 5% of the sales goes to the Rhumaa Foundation. Their donations are invested into various projects in South Africa, used mostly to upskill young individuals. They closely partner and cooperate with ‘Learn to Earn’ who are a skills development and job creation organization in South Africa, seeking to develop unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

Society and culture are an integral part of their brand and story. They believe the two work hand in hand. They strive to incorporate stories from artists into every collection to help bridge cultural acceptance and understanding creatively and give developing artists a platform to profile themselves further.

Technology in fashion is important and exciting. As a business, they will most definitely embrace new developments where they can. They especially love new fabric technologies and old, such as the idea of up cycling used garments. Human needs differ and technology enables so much for so many these days. There are some interesting technology trends about that relate to sensory input, 3D art, safety, environment, and process, but the craft of fashion still lives in the idea and in their humble opinion, the collaborations that help build up new ideas and garments that people want to wear and can keep forever, with purpose.

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Leticia Bordoni is the co-founder of P A U S E FASHION HUB.

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