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Rianne de Witte is a fashion designer and since 1994 she decided to really focus on sustainability, timeless design, quality for fitting and fair production. She wants to make a living out of her work and tries to do her part in the war against pollution of by the second most polluting industry in the world, the fashion industry. She always has been influenced by the actuality from society, nature, traditional clothing from over the world and animals.

During her study, she discovered that the fashion industry wasn’t healthy and she decided to search her own way. She saw a clear difference in fabric from the 1950’s – 1980’s. Her mother was a real collector of clothes over many years. She was raised during the war and was used to the idea of not throwing away clothes. Rianna de Witte was amazed by the poor quality over the years. While time was passing by, the quality of the clothes went down faster.

‘At that time during my study at The Art academy there was not much to find within sustainability, in fact, I was climbing up to walls and meeting ‘geitenwollensokken’ kind of fashion brands. But I found my way and was convinced about my goals.’

Her drive is to keep developing herself and follow new solutions on the sustainable fashion industry. She is convinced that, if people will love their clothes like treasures and feel comfortable in their clothes, this will also contribute to other levels.




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